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Man marries pony and has a full emotional and physical relationship

What is there to do in Missouri?  Phuck animals, that's what!
It's even legal Surprised

The BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) filmed a documentary following the loving of animals.
In the show one of the men marries a pony called Pixel and has a full emotional and physical relationship.
These animal lovers are called Zoophiliacs.

I wonder how these people discover their love for animals.  I would imagine it goes something like this...

Location: Small farm town in Missouri, local bar.
Time: 1am
Total number of females in bar: 2
Number of beers before above females are attractive: Infinite
Bunch of guys drinking in a bar and they're getting pretty phucked up.  Drinking of course means that several are horny.  They check out the women in the bar and they're still not attractive.  So drink more…

Time: 3 am
Check out the women again, still not attractive.  Phuck!

Bar is closing, time to go home.  Two guys get in their cars (DUI, oh yes) and drive home.
Driving down the road one guy says to the other "look at her"
The other guy looks for a girl, but can't see one and says "where, where?"
"Over there, over there, the horse"

They pull over and start looking around.  No-one else is around so they approach the horse, their anticipation "rising"
What happens next is too phucked up for even me to talk about!
But this stuff does happen!  
It is estimated than 1 in 3 boys have experimented with animals in rural areas.

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Watch part 1 of the documentary below:

10 minutes on cell phone causes cancer

Yet another cell phone study...

Rehovot (Israel) - A new study casts one of the most negative lights on cell phone usage, claiming that just 10 minutes of chatting can lead to cancer.

According to the study, performed by the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, just minutes of the radiation exposure caused from cell phones can spark the cell division problems that lead to cancerous tumors.

The study exposed human cells to radiation of 875 megahertz, slightly less than the level most handsets emit.  Within 10 minutes, say researchers, the chemical signal indicative of tumor development process was active.

Current cell phone study tally:

Studies that claim cell phones do not cause cancer: 1,325,120
Studies that
claim cell phones do cause cancer: 8
Studies silenced by the cellular industry: 1,325,112

Full story here

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Biggest breasts in the world?

What do you if you're on a deserted island with nothing to eat?

I can think of a few things...

Massive Breasts

Phucked up request from The Poo Master

I receive some rather interesting submittals from people who would like an article posted about them.
The one I received over the weekend, well it amazed even me!

Someone called "Poo master" has submitted pictures, details including measurements of his poo.

After I barfed in my throat a little, I have decided to post the articles, soon, very soon...

Watch this space for .... The "Poo Master"

New picture updates with Rossie Cottrell

New updates from Rossie Cottrell with Rossie getting ready for bed.  Sleepy anyone...?

View Rossie in the bedroom  
Rossie Cottrell in the bedroom  

Computer Nerds... USB humping dog...

Humping dogs

Yes, you're reading correctly.  USB powered humping dogs!
Three different breeds available...

More here

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Vagina a how-to guide

Part I in a multipart series

On the discovery channel we see shows on Tigers, Monkeys, Giraffes, the white spotted owl etc.  Yet they have yet to document one of the most mysterious and sometimes most sought after of wild animals, the Vagina…
Here at ThatsPhucked, we go where very few sites are willing to go, the analysis of the Vagina.

First we shall list the various basic Vagina Types:

Here the "lips" protrude out from the Vagina.  These can greatly vary in size.  Some are smaller, some are scary large and flap around trying to fly.  I guess we can call those "Vaginas with wings"

My personal favorite.  The lips actually are inside the vagina forming one succulent piece.  This sort of vagina is best known for the "Camel Toe effect.  Camel Toe is when a woman dresses in tight clothing that highlights the "Camel Toe"

Here the woman will shave the pubic region to remove all pubic hair.  This is smooth for around 2-5 hours.  What are the problems with this?  Going down on a "shaved vagina" is like kissing sand paper.  I recommend avoiding the outer edges and stick with the nice meaty part, get it all wet and you should be good.

Trimmed Vagina
The woman will trim the pubic area down to a short length.  This provides a nice tidy region and brings the Vagina into the 21st century with an updated 70s retro style.

Trimmed Vagina with optional "Landing Strip"
Another personal favorite.  The pubic hair is shaved down and only a small vertical "landing strip" remains above the top of the Vagina.  I have yet to see any small aircraft land even though I always keep my control tower close.

Yum yum.  My all time favorite.  This provides a very soft vaginal region.  Kind of like a soft chocolate with soft center.
Oral can be performed without any chin or lip chafing and allow many hours of deep vaginal exploration.

In next week's article we will delve into the various parts and safe operation of the vagina.

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Jessica Alba gives guy erection

Jessica Alba
We all know that Jessica gives guys erections; I know she's given one to me!
Have you seen the movie Into the blue?  Many a tissue used with that movie...

Here she can be seen talking to some guy who is really enjoying the conversation.
Could this be a deleted scene from 'Rise of the silver surfer'...?

View more pictures


Tennis star Davydenko fined $2,000 for 'not trying' after losing game

Nikolay Davydenko has been fined almost $2,000 for "lack-of-best-effort" in his match against Marian Cilic in the St Petersburg Open.
Davydenko was questioned by Belgian umpire Jean-Phillipe Derq during the match after the official accused him of not trying hard enough against Cilic.
View Entire Article

Now just imagine how this could be applied to other situations…

Wife to husband:
Honey, last nights love making session was only 20 minutes, please try harder.  Next time I want at least 30 minutes or no more blow jobs for you

Husband to wife:
"When I come home, I want my dinner on the table.  Otherwise there’s no more oral for you!"

Clinton to female assistant:
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