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Friday is usually pay day, the day before the weekend and poop day!
Download this fun program and play with poop the clean way.

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Chelsea Charms Video

Last month we talked about the Largest breasts in the world
Now you can see Chelsea Charms in her massive breasted glory!
Remember people, these breasts are not special effects, they are HER breasts.
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Whale Tail

Following on from our article on the The good, the butt and the ugly.

I just had to share this picture along with the fact that "Whale Tail" is the "in" word for ass crack these days.
Whale Tail, priceless...

Sexy thong girl

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Church of Fudge Video

I'm sorry to do this again, but we have to.  It's our job.
After our previous 2 girls 1 cup video and 2 girls 1 finger video.  Can you guess what the church of fudge video is?

I'm sure you can...

Priest and a nun, nun eats poo direct from Priest.  Pretty sure it's real although I do not think they are "of the cloth"

Remember you must at least 21 years of age to watch the Church of Fudge Video

This text will be replaced

Here is a rough translation of the "script" from the Church of fudge video

Nun: Your flesh Your flesh must be cleaned
Man: Oh my god nun Nun what are you doing Nun:
We're going to beat the evil together
Man: Together
Nun: All the evil will spill out of you
Man: With gods help
Nun: With gods help Yes
Man: Yes with gods help
Nun: (inaudible)
Man: Take distance nun
Nun: Let it out So it's right brother let it out
Man:(in latin) In urine and shit we're born and in urine and shit we will be reborn
Nun: I rescued you from the evil of this world I took in myself

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Turkey Slaughter Comment

On Thanksgiving day I posted a video of a Turkey slaughter.
I have received a few comments, one of which is as follows:

"This isn't funny watching somethig get it's head cut off bleed to death is not my idea of entertainment or humor. I was raised on a farm and saw this more than a few times true it can be a part of life but I think its gross that you think it is funny put it up here like a freak show. If you take a fish out of water they will flop aroun even after their dead its just the nerves dying because the animal is dying. I know if we do that to you do you think you would flop around? Come on man this subject and your interest in it only makes you seem imature to others and they will respect you more if you don't get giggly to watch something die.

Let me guess just for fun, if you were driving down the road and you come up to an accident and there are a bunch of cars that are all phucked up. First you wouldn't be able to take your eyes of of it, your car is slowing down so as to make sure you can get a good look the corners of your mouth begin to rise and you open your mouth to say cool. Then when you see someone you know you have to describe the whole thing and for a moment you are happy and excited? This is all for fun so don't get all offended too many people act this way so tell me did I guess right?!

Now how would feel if that was your car and your the guy on the stretcher and a bunch of people are looking at you all happy saying cool? Why doesn't anyone take it to the next level? I really can't understand people being happy about someone or something getting hurt."

Thank you for your comment; I appreciate all comments on the site, good or bad.

To answer your first question, if I had my head cut off, would I flop around?
I believe when my head is cut off, I will be dead and I will not care!

Now as for the giggling, I did not “giggle” when I watched the video.  In fact my reaction was “wow, they really flap around for a long time and that’s a lot of blood”

To address your car accident scenario.  I have seen many car accidents, some minor, and some major that involved people dying.  I make it a point to NOT look too much at the accident because I don’t want to be another rubber necker contributing to the slowing of traffic.  Usually I feel sorry for the people in the accident and frankly am relieved it was not me or anyone that I love.

Now let’s put this back into context.  These animals are Turkeys.  We eat animals for food.  Anyone who enjoyed a traditional Thanksgiving dinner last week means that a Turkey died to provide that meal.

The turkey that ends up in your neighborhood store is usually slaughtered in the following manner:
“The fully conscious turkeys are hung by their feet from metal shackles on a moving rail. The first station on most poultry slaughterhouse assembly lines is the stunning tank, where the turkeys' heads are submerged in an electrified bath of water. Stunning procedures are not monitored, and are often inadequate, leaving fully conscious birds to continue along the slaughterhouse assembly line. Some slaughterhouses do not even attempt to render turkeys unconscious, as turkeys and other poultry are specifically excluded from the Humane Slaughter Act, which requires stunning.
After passing through the stunning tank, the turkeys' throats are slashed, usually by a mechanical blade, and blood begins rushing out of their bodies. Inevitably, the blade misses some turkeys who then proceed to the next station on the assembly line, the scalding tank. Here they are submerged in boiling hot water, and turkeys missed by the killing blade are boiled alive.”
Provided by Adoptaturkey

So by showing a video of turkeys with their heads cut off, I am simply showing what is done on a daily basis to thousands of Turkeys.
The intention was not meant to be funny although some might find this funny; do I care if they do? No
It’s simply a stating of fact and if it offends you or anybody else then simply do not watch it and go surf other sites.  After all the title of this web site is “That’s Phucked” and our slogan is “If it’s Phucked up, I’ll Phucken write about it”
So thanks again for your comment and I hope I continue to offend people.

Mr. Phucked

Monday update of Rossie Cottrell

New updates from Rossie Cottrell.

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Guy Eats Rabbit Poo

There seems to be an amazing amount of people out there interested in eating, licking and basically chowing down crap!
This guy sucks some poo out of this poor rabbits bottom.

So the Poo tally so far is....

1 man, 1 rabbit
2 girls 1 finger
2 girls 1 cup

What will be next I wonder... 

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Sumlee Anderson Video

Sumlee gets down and dances in her house and guess what?
We get to watch...

View more of Sumlee Anderson

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Girl shows her thong in the mall

Following on from yesterdays The good, the butt and the Ugly
We have a spoof video of a girl bending over and showing her thong in a mall. - Adult Disclaimer

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