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Say goodbye to 2007

As 2007 comes to a close, let's review the many wonders and phucked up stuff that happened in 2007...

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Cheating Wife

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Girl Attacked by killer whale

Girl gets attacked by a killer whale.  You see the poor girls leg in the mouth of the whale.

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Top 10 Female Sex Fantasies

top 10 female fantasies Discuss in forum Men tend to think that woman do not have sexual fantasies.  Even if they did it would involve long walks on the beach, flowers and slow loving sex.
While woman like this, they also have just as wild sexual fantasies as men do.
So next time you're thinking sexual thoughts, feel free to share them with your partner...
Here are the top 10 female sex fantasies as researched by

Number 10: Strangers in the night

Many women relish the idea of meeting up with a mystery man and going to some no-name motel for a wild night of uninhibited sex.

So yes guys, bars can and do work!

Number 9: Group Sex
Group sex was a popular one among the ladies. "The freedom of being nude in front of a bunch of people who are equally exposed, allowing different men and women to touch and penetrate your body simultaneously is incredibly erotic."

Number 8: Who’s your daddy?
If there's one thing that women are dying to do, it's dominate a man like never before. The creative ideas that flowed from this topic were quite interesting, to say the least. They included:
•    spanking him
•    ordering him to perform certain sexual acts
•    making him beg for what he wants
•    having him suck on their stiletto heels or some other phallic object

Number 7: Put her on display
In today's world of confident women, I was not surprised to learn that many of them fantasize about having an audience whilst engaging in sexual acts with a partner. They say that the idea of knowing that others are getting excited by their "performance" provides them with a feeling of empowerment.
Video camera anyone?

Number 6: Be her teacher
Although most women agreed that they fantasize about having a master, their role in the scenario differed. Whereas some women said that they would surrender to their master's demands, others opposed the idea and said that they would resist and disobey his commands.

Number 5: Three’s company
Ah yes, the Holy Grail.  One guy  and 2 woman.
Virtually every woman wants or will share her body with another woman.
"The idea of touching another soft, hairless body and softly sucking her tongue, amongst other things, seems very erotic," said Sara.
Unfortunately for many of you.  Most women preferred their man to just watch and not participate.

Number 4: Leave a good tip
Keeping in mind that the women interviewed are professionals with commendable careers, some of them fantasized about being strippers, while others took things a step further and imagined being prostitutes. Obviously, the fantasy is romanticized beyond belief because the life of either is not so glamorous that women would opt to have it as a career choice.

"In my fantasy, while I'm performing a lap dance for my customer, he hands me a $100 bill and requests that I perform the lap dance... minus his pants," Tina boldly stated. When I asked Amber about her prostitution fantasy, she said, "The gentleman would pick me up in his expensive car and I would ride him in the driver's seat in some dingy back alley. He would pay me my fee and I'd be on my way."

Number 3: Two men at once
It seems it’s not only men who fantase about 2 others.  Woman fantasise about 2 men at once!
Some wanted a more gentle erotic scene, while the rare few wanted with double penetration type scenes.

One of the most interesting statements regarding two men was having one penetrate her while the other licked her clitoris. It sounds virtually impossible (especially if the guys are not bisexual), but nevertheless intriguing.

Other interesting ones included having one guy inside of her from behind while she gave the other one oral sex. Amber has fantasized about two guys performing cunnilingus simultaneously on her or having one guy perform oral sex on her while the other sucked on her breasts. This list goes on for hours, by the way.

Another woman made no secret of the fact that she wants to be nasty and do all the taboo things that most women would find degrading. She fantasizes about being penetrated from both the anus and the vagina, having the guys release their loads all over her, and craziest of all; she wants to be blindfolded during it.
Her number is (415) 233 …

Number 2: Strap-on party
By far, one of the most popular fantasies women have is getting to be the man for one night... literally. They would like to act and dress up like a man -- straight down to the genitals. That's right; I'm referring to a strap-on penis.

One woman actually had the opportunity to fulfill her fantasy and took full advantage of her boyfriend's willingness. "It was absolutely incredible to be able to penetrate a man and feel the empowerment usually associated with being the aggressor."

"There's something about having a man in a vulnerable position that is an incredible turn-on." Carol admitted. "The idea of knowing that we're in the position that is usually assumed by men is probably the biggest aphrodisiac of all."

Number 1: Rape Fantasy!
Although a rape sex fantasy sounds somewhat unthinkable, that's exactly what most women call it. They want to play the innocent, naive, unknowing little girl who gets taken advantage of by the devious, predator-like man.

Forcibly pushing her against the wall and. "...Pinning my arms above my head with one hand while the other hand has made its way under my skirt and is fondling my vagina," received nods of approval by all the women in the room. Andrea went even further expecting the man to, "Rip off my clothes, force open my legs, penetrate me, and concurrently smear my lipstick all over my face with his forceful kiss."
Now guys…
Remember these are fantasies and does not mean that No means Yes.  No still means No!

But given the right scenario, the rape scene will drive her crazy…

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Mr Phucked is resting...

Mr. Phucked is resting.

After 99 blog entries.  Mr. Phucked is taking the day off.

If you don't like it, then Phuck You!


Mr. Phucked.

Day after Christmas

Hung over 
Mr. Phucked was drinking all of Christmas Day.  Why do my friends seem to think I love whisky and wine?

Perhaps because I drink it all?

Normal services will resume soon...

Sexy Christmas Carol

Merry Phucken Christmas!

Enjoy this sexy Christmas Carol

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Merry Christmas!

Rossie Cottrell It's almost Christmas.

I wish everyone a very merry Christmas and I hope you receive what you wish for from Santa.

If you have not thought of what you would like yet.  How about Rossie Cottrell?

How to avoid trapped arm in bed

We've all had the problem when you're sleeping with your girl/man/sheep.
Your arm gets stuck after they fall asleep.  How do you remove your arm without waking them?

Here is how: 

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