That's Phucked

Phucked Up Statements, Part II

Phucked Up Statements, Part I

Kim Kardashian Sex Tape

I must admit, I was not really very familiar with Kim Kardashian.  She has done some reality TV stuff which I really do not give a crap about, but she does get naked and phucked in this video, so whats not to like! 
So enjoy Kim Kardashian getting phucked!

Largest Cum Shot Ever!

largest cum shot ever

Last week we brought you the loudest orgasm ever, this week we bring you the largest cum shot ever!


Bus Crashes Into Cars

Some pedestrians narrowly avoid being hit by this bus!

Putrid Sex Object

Putrid Sex Object video

Another Phucked Video called the Putrid Sex Object.  What can I say?  It starts a little slow, but after about 2 minutes the truly Phucked starts!
The Putrid Sex Object makes 2 Girls 1 Cup look like Sesame Street!
Thanks to "cornflakegirl" for the heads up on this latest phucked video, The Putrid Sex Object

Solar Face Sheilds...aka Bukkaki Shield

Bukkaki Shield  Bukkaki Shield

Living in Southern California, you see some strange shit.  From massive implants to massive fat asses, it's all here!

One of the more strange trends is female Asian drivers wearing Solar Face Shields.  You can be sitting in your car at a traffic light and glance over to the car next to you and the driver is wearing a full face shield.
Why?  Because Asian ladies do not want a tan, it's seen as "lower class"
But it sure does look stupid!

Therefore Mr. Phucked would like to suggest a new name for these devices.
Since only Asian women wear them, from this point on, they will be known as Bukkake Shields.

If you don't know what Bukkake is, then shame on you!  It is where an Asian woman (normally Japanese) kneels on the floor and allows a line of men to cum on her face one at a time.

All hale the Bukkake Sheild. 

Cougar Hunting 101

You're Young?  You're Horny?  You want an easy lay?
You need a Cougar and here is how to get yours today!



Animal Freaks

It seems like almost every girl I date these days owns a cat.  What's with girls and their cats?
Now if they owned one of these freaks, I might not have to pretend to like their furry pussies!

Yoda, the cat with four ears

Yoda cat with 4 ears

Bailey, weighing in at 26lbs!
Bailey, fat cat

Apparently his favorite food is popcorn!  Can you say "Diet"...? - Adult Disclaimer

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