That's Phucked

Archery Anyone?

If you saw this guy.  Would you be scared of being shot by an arrow or crap yourself laughing?

I just hope he is not trying to be Cupid!

gay arher

Hang me by the balls

Some guys will do anything for a little sexual stimulation.  But hanging by your balls, should pobably should not be one of them!

Mexican Ambulance

Just don't get hurt in Mexico.  You might not make it to the hospital!

This text will be replaced

1 Ass 2 Dicks

One dick not enough to fill her ass?
How about two, is that enough?
She won't shit right for a week!

Sex with a stump

How about having sex with a girl with no arms or legs?
This is almost certainly photoshopped but pretty phucked up concept for sure!

You can also watch the movie Boxing Helena where this happens for real.

Girl with no arms or legs

Thanks to "Blackeft" for submitting this to Mr. Phucked

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Insects In food IS allowed by the FDA

So you think you know what you're eating?  Think again...

According the FDA.  It is perfectly acceptable to include rodent hairs, insect fragments, fly eggs, maggots and other phucked up gross shit in your food.
For example, Peanut butter can contain an average of 30 or more insect fragments per 100 grams.

Here are some other examples.  See more here at the FDA web site

Insect filth - Average of 400 or more insect fragments per 50 gram

Rodent filth - Average of 11 or more rodent hairs per 50 grams

Insect filth - Average of 225 insect fragments or more per 225 grams in 6 or more subsamples

Rodent filth - Average of 4.5 rodent hairs or more per 225 grams in 6 or more subsamples

Insect filth - Average of 30 or more insect fragments per 100 grams

Rodent filth - Average of 1 or more rodent hairs per 100 grams

Grit - Gritty taste and water insoluble inorganic residue is more than 25 mg per 100 grams


Drosophila fly

Average of 10 or more fly eggs per 500 grams
5 or more fly eggs and 1 or more maggots per 500 grams
2 or more maggots per 500 grams

Orgy Party

Since I'm Mr. Phucked, I sign up for all kinds of crap.  I had signed up to receive newsletters from a Yahoo group that like to swing.
They call themselves "SoCal Circus" and like to get together for swinger parties, orgies, gangbangs etc.
Here is their latest announcement...

"Hey there everybody!!! I am grinnin ear to ear at some wonderful news.
One of my absolute favorite couples got married TODAY sooooo
ATTRACTIVE, and I am grateful that they are really good friends of
mine. They are coming out to tonight's ORGY PARTY to clelebrate their
marriage with us. I am soooooo stoked. This couple is a breath of fresh
air for me. It is awesome to see two wonderful people getting married
and I take it as a huge compliment that they want to celebrate with us.
It is AWESOME to celebrate life, the lifestyle, love, beauty, and
everything positive this world has to offer like this!!!

This HOT HOT HOT Couple Got Married Today And They're Coming Out To The
Socal Circus Party Tonight. They Want plenty Of Other Hot Couples And
Women To Celebrate With."

Now is that a wedding night or what!

You can check them out at SoCal Circus

Miss World 2009

If you guys, bi's or lesbians want some cheap jerk off material.  Then Miss World is on TV tonight.

 Miss USA

Online Dating, gone too far?

Would you date this chick?  In fact, is she even a woman?  Think "she" might have a dick...

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