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Google Overlay Of Swine Flu Cases

Google Swine Flu Overlay

We all now know that swine flu started when a kid kissed a pig.

Now, thanks to Google, we know where they live!

This Google overlay of swine flu cases shows you where they are...

Does your neighbor have swine flu? If so, tell us!

How Swine Flu Started

We all thought sine flu started in Mexico.  Nope, it all started at the zoo.

baby kisses pig and gets swine flu

Biggest Pussy In The World - Part II

Following on from Biggest Pussy In The World - Part I we bring you Biggest Pussy In The World - Part II
I wonder what he'll stick in there now? His Hands?  His Foot?  Watch and see...

Show Me Your Genitals 2: E=MC Vagina

The follow up to Show Me Your Genitals we bring you "Show Me Your Genitals 2: E=MC Vagina"
Who said math was boring!

Cow Trouble

What happens when a cow has a lil baby calf thats a little too big...

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Man Boobs

Man Boobs, they are a terrible thing. Men have to wear a bra and cover themselves in the gym shower.
Some even sing a song about their Man Boobs.


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Biggest Pussy In The World - Part I

Damn this pussy is big! I'm pretty sure it's fake, but who cares, it's Phucked funny!

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Show Me Your Genitals

I've got to say, I just loved this song!

Show Me Your Genitals!


How to have sex with a fat chick

I guess if the stomach is in the way, the Pile Driver is the way to go... - Adult Disclaimer

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