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As many of you are aware. That's Phucked has been down for the last 2 days.
This has been due to an internet attack on our servers by someone/people/country that obviously does not like this site and/or me.

Is it the Pope? North Korea? Aliens? Someone I pissed off?
As yet we're not sure. All I can say is that my host is working with Time Warner and even the FBI Cyber Terrorism Department to find them and monitor any possible future attack.

Many thanks to all of you who showed support via MySpace and Twitter during this very Phucked Up Time.

Mr. Phucked
Freedom Of Speech!

Penis for dinner?

Ever wondered what that mystery meat actually is?  In this restaurant it's easy to guess.  Penis!

penis for dinner

Video Proof Of Phucked Up Fisting

I posted an article last week titled Phucked up fisting. Some of you thought it was not real or the guy had a stump for an arm.
This video is proof positive that you can get an ENTIRE ARM inside an ass.
Beyond Phucked Up!

Thanks to Steven for submitting this to Mr. Phucked
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Rabbit Rape

Before tomorrow's FULL ARM fisting. I thought I'd add something light to prepare you for something particularly nasty tomorrow.
I bring you, animal rape.

Rabbit Rape
Hold Her Down While I Get The Pants Off


Singing Penis

You won't see this on American Idol.

Thanks to "ThatOneDude" for uploading this video to the Video Section

Asparagus In The Ass?

What is it with woman sticking vegetables inside them?

Asparagus now, phucked up.

If you'd like to see more examples of "ladies" and vegetables. Check out these vegetables with pussy and ass


Midget Sex

Hey, even small people need love.  Although when she covers her face with embarrassment, I don't think she's enjoying it!

Sexy Asian Tranny

After last week's scary Tranny With a Large Cock

I thought it would only be fair to follow it up with a hot tranny.  He/She still has a cock.  But I'm sure there have been many drunken men who only found out when a cock was dangled in their face.

Hot and Sexy Asian TrannyHot and Sexy Asian Tranny

Be afraid, be very afraid.  Scroll down with care...

Hot and Sexy Asian Tranny

Phucked Up Fisting

How don't know how the hell he did this.  But this guy took an arm almost up to the shoulder.
I can feel the pain.  I bet he did not shit right for a week!

Deep fisting past shoulder - Adult Disclaimer

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