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2nd Most Painful Execution Method - The Brazen Bull

brazen bull

The Brazen Bull, sometimes known as the Sicilian Bull is one of the cruelest methods of torture and execution out there. Designed in ancient Greece, solid brass was cast into the shape of a hollow bull, with a door on the side that opened and latched. To begin the execution, the victim was placed inside of the brass bull and a fire was set underneath. The fire was heated until the metal was literally yellow, causing the victim to "roast to death".  The bull was designed so that the screams of the victim would come out sounding musical for the enjoyment of the executioner.
The inventor of this form of punishment ended up being executed inside of the Bull.

Can you just imagine this?
Every breath would burn your lungs, you cannot escape, the heat burning your skin and eventually cooking you.
A truly Phucked up way to die!

Sex TV show in Japan

Forget The Price is Right! Japan has sex game shows!!

Matthias Schlitte Is Popeye

matthas schlitte Matthias Schlitte is a 22 year old German arm wrestling champ.  He may look like he has been masturbating with his right arm since puberty.
In fact he been training for 6 years to grow his massive right arm for competitive arm wrestling!
Schlitte is actually quite ingenious.  If you think about it, by only increasing the size of his one forearm and no other part of his body, he has allowed himself to arm wrestle in lower weight classes.

Porn Star Cries


Too Much Chin

Can you say Jenny Craig?

fat chick with to much chin

Horrible Execution

The Dangers Of Concerts

Concerts can be dangerous for many reasons. Drinking, drugs, fights and ugly fat chicks!!

fat chick

Drug Informer Execution

This is what happens if you inform on the drug cartels...

Plane Hits Giraffe

This is the last animal one for a while. I could not resist. Plane lands on Giraffe in Africa, ooops.

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