That's Phucked

Terrorist Flying Body Part

Looks like they got him (or her).  Looks very much like this terrorist body picture too.

terrorist body part


In revenge of yesterday's ball kicking.  How about a Vaginectomy...
Vaginectomy is the removal of the Vagina normally because of cancer or gender change.

Vaginectomy removal of vagina

Big Balls Gets Kicked In Balls

Who is more scary?

The guy is probably someone going into hospital to cheer up patients.  But this picture? Damn!

scary Frog

Freaky Large Black Cock

You can easily find a whole bunch of fake black cocks in porn these days.  This one actually looks pretty real to me.
Ladies... who would take it?  I don't just mean the tip either, the whole thing!

Freaky large black cock

The Real Two Face?

Is this the real Two Face from Batman?

two face

Fat Osama Bin Laden?

Is this the fat Osama Bin laden?  He does kind of look like him...

Fat Osama Bin Laden

German Sprite Commercial

Suicide Bomber Head

Maybe this is the friend of the suicide bomber from a few days ago?

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