That's Phucked

Corpse Fucker

This is just wrong on so many levels. Talk about giving her the tip!

Corpse Fucker

Thanks to "Turtleburgers" for submitting this to Mr. Phucked
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Man Hit By Car II

This is along the same theme of the Woman Gets Owned By Truck video

Would You Hit It?

Well would you?  Give me a 750ml bottle of vodka, even then I woudn't.
At least she is smiling :-)

Fat woman with fat thighs

Woman Decapitated By Train

This picture speaks for itself really...

Woman Decapitated By Train

Guy Pokes Penis With Needle

This guy must really NOT like his penis.  He is erect while doing this too, so I guess he must actually enjoy this.
Gives a whole new meaning to needle dick!

Victim Of Uranium Munitions Used By US Forces In Afghanistan

This photo is of newly-born infant taken by Dr. Mohammad Daud Miraki, a well-known Afghan researcher, anthropologist, sociologist and scholar. He visited Afghanistan to find out about the situation after the American invasion of Afghanistan. The deformed infant is supposedly the result of the uranium munitions used by American troops and bomber aircrafts all over Afghanistan.

picture of Victim Of Uranium Munitions Used By US Forces In Afghanistan

Daddy Fucked Me And I Loved It

Can you say daddy issues?  I'm she is dating someone 25 years older than she is!

Daddy Fucked Me And I Loved It

Severed Penises

How can you do this to a penis?  It's just so wrong!

Severed Penises

Cheeze Pizza Face

Is this what happens if you eat too much cheeze pizza?  Her face kind of looks like cheeze pizza!

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