That's Phucked

Got Hair?

How many beers would this take?

Hairy woman

Cop Ladder Fail

Lookout below...

Freaky Old Man

This freaky old dude is pierced and tattooed, what's next?

Freaky Old Man who is pierced and tattooed

Yet more freaky pussy lips

I'm not sure if the owner of these pussy lips are same as previously posted in Freaky Large Pussy Lips and More Freaky Pussy Lips.
Either way, I'd would love to flick them around in my mouth with my tongue!

freaky large pussy lips

Guy Barfs In Bar

Not too phucked up but funny.  Plus the bar girl is phucken sexy.

guy barfs on guy in bar

Mother and Daughter Creamed

The mother was clearly not looking at oncoming traffic. The driver was also of course a dumbass.

Meanwhile in Africa

It looks like she may have a bad day...

Meanwhile in Africa

More Bondage

So you thought the Ultimate Bondage was not phucked enough?  Well how about this one...

freaky bondage

Pissed Off Black Dude With Hot White Chicks

Why is he so pissed off?  There are hot naked women next to him!

pissed off black dude with hot naked white chicks - Adult Disclaimer

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