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Watch Where You Cross

Watch where you cross ladies...
(Picture uploaded on the Car Accident Forum)

woman ran over

Should Animal Cruelty Videos Be Shown?

Should Animal Cruelty Videos Be Shown?

Many have complained that Animal Cruelty videos should not be shown. Even on
To express your opinion I have created a POLL to determine this once and for all.

Vote On Animal Cruelty Videos Here

NOTE: You don't need to be a registered forum member to vote, only to comment.

UPDATE 06/01/2011

So far according to the votes on animal cruelty vidoes.  65% of you say it's OK to show the videos.
If you disagree, you'd better vote!

NEW - Forum Update

If you had visited the forum in the past.  It was mostly full of spam from assholes trying to sell their porn and other shit we don't care about.

I have completely redesigned the forum to make it very difficult for spammers and also fixed some bugs and added some cool new features.
Such as:

  • Instant Chat System (Shoutbox) with Flyout so you can chat live with other phucked members and even me if I'm online
  • Includes private messaging and private messaging notification
  • You can ask me (Mr. Phucked) direct questions.
  • Upload your own photo albums.  Makes it easier to add images in posts and share pictures with friends
    For example, check out naked pictures of Rebecca Manns, Louisville Cheerleader
  • We can ask questions and run polls
  • Note: The login username/password for the forum is different but you can use the same e-mail address and password.

Take the new Forum for a test drive

Let me know what you think in the Forum feedback

Childbirth Porn

Childbirth Porn?  Is this the new thing in porn?

Childbirth Porn

Knife to the neck

The two ladies in the background are just looking.  What are they thinking?

"wow, she has really nice breasts, think she'll mind if I suck a nipple?"
"If I pull out the knife, how much blood will spurt out?"
"I really want to masturbate right now"

Knife to the neck

Two and a Half Men

Poor little phucker from India will grow up to actually be Two and a Half Men!
Sucks to be his little brother...

Two and a Half Men

Phucked Asian Freak

Do you think some Proactiv will clear that up?  If so, that would make for a great before and after picture during the infomercial.

Phucked Asian Freak

Amputee Wrestling

Amputee Wrestling?  Seriously? I'll put $10 on the Amputee.  Maybe he can insert a stump up the other guys ass.
That reminds me of the 2 Guys 1 Stump video

Amputee Wrestling

Take That Biatch

Have a little sinus problem?  Try clearing it with some cock.

Take that biatch, cock to the face

Think this is not phucked up enough?  Something coming this week will blow your mind... - Adult Disclaimer

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