That's Phucked

Asian Whore Dilemma

So.  Asian whore wonders...

"Most girls charge $20 a night for C breasts, others charge $30 for D breasts.
What if I can only afford one implant?  Yeah, great idea, I can charge $25."


Asian whore dilema

Ass Spring

It really does look like a spring.  To say that dude was phucked is an understatement!

Ass spring

Cum Launcher

Question I ask myself.  Did it do this because the vagina is too tight or too lose?
I'm going with too lose and the angle.  Comments?

Self Oral

You know you would.  If you could...

Self Oral

Tornado Legs Cut Off

Being that I'm in Tornado country.  Here is a woman that got caught in a Tornado

Tornado with Legs Cut Off
Tornado with Legs Cut Off

Stripper Freak

Pretty sure she is not giving him any free ones

stripper freak

Mardi Gras

Mr. Phucked is at Mardis Gras.

Mr. Phucked is at Mardis Gras.

Horses Make Me Horny

I have to say.  The last picture is pretty hot.  Horse anyone?

Horses Make Me Horny
Horses Make Me Horny
Horses Make Me Horny
Horses Make Me Horny

Terrorist With Legs Blown Off

Bad luck for him.  Good luck for his targets.  I would say a good day... - Adult Disclaimer

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