That's Phucked

What a drag

Poor phucker was dragged along the street. Mabye a dog was getting revenge on his owner?
Maybe a dog friend of this video


Hole In One

Tiger finally gets a hole in one.  Just not the hole you may be expecting...

Nigga Rape

Well.  If that is not white power.  I don't know what else would be!

This poor phucker is bound, gagged and phucked in the ass.  Not a good day for him...

Nigga nigger rape

Inside Out

It's amazing this guy is still alive!
I think it's his lungs still going...

Horse Dildo

OMG.  I have to say, that is impressive!

How can she/he ever be happy with any "normal" penis after that?
Once you go horse, you can never go back... 

Shot In The Street On Live TV

Film crew arrives on the scene (listening to police scanners) after a complaint of a disturbance.
They arrive in time to see a guy being shot, live on TV!

I Hate My Penis

I hate my penis

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Can you box that for me please?

I know I always box my leftovers when I eat out.  Guess this guy did too...

Can you box that for me please?
Can you box that for me please?
Can you box that for me please?
Can you box that for me please?
Can you box that for me please?

What a shity fuck

Brings a whole new meaning to a shity phuck, this guy really did get one!

What would you guys do if your girl did this?
Me?  I would grab some with my hand, reach around and rub it on her nose Yell

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