That's Phucked

Breast Cancer #3

Some more breast cancer pictures.

... and some nice breasts....

Breast Cancer #2

Remember ladies.  Get your breast exams.  Then hopefully yours will remain like the second picture Tongue out

Breast cancer
Breast cancer

Bloated Dead Kid

Almost does not look real.  But is...

We can call him "Sporty"

Golden Shower

From the look on her face, she likes it. 
Why do some people get off on golden showers?

Pissing from the stairs

Pedal Bike Accident

This is why I drive a car!

See all the pics on Pedal Bike Accident Pics On PhuckedTube

Pedal bike accident
Pedal bike accident
Pedal bike accident
Pedal bike accident

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Splitting Headache #4

"Take one Aleve for all day relief"
Not even Aleve can help this guy!

Related to the Friday The 13th guy?

Bat Ass

This person is such a bad ass.  Or is it Bat Ass...?
Someone really wanted to phuck with this person!

Bat Ass

Body Bag Part II

Found another pic from the Body Bag article.
Looks like they found the other parts!

Body Bag Part II

Friday The 13th

The say white man can't jump?  Adidas guy here didn't make it.
If only he had worn Nike... 

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