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Look into my eyes...

Here's Looking At You

Meatotomy Video

A meatotomy is a form of penile modification in which the underside of the glans is split.
Who says is not educational?

All together now guys, OUCH!

Hung Dead, But Happy With A Boner

Following on from yesterday's Man Hangs Himself - See The Result
Here is a pic of his naked body.  Judging by his boner, at least he died happy!

Hung Dead, But Happy With A Boner

Man Hangs Himself - See The Result

Ever wondered what your body would look like if you hung yourself?
It ain't pretty!

Readers.  If you're ever thinking of commiting suicide?  Don't!
You will just end up looking like this and a good chance you'll end up on this site!

Thanks to Jaran for submitting this to Mr. Phucked
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Phucken Comments

Finally found the source of the problem with the disappearing comments.  It was the automated SPAM filter.

It apparently was thinking that most of the comments where SPAM and then not saving them.  Phuck!

Well, it is fixed now.  Embarassed

Ghetto Abortion

No health insurance for an abortion?  Try the ghetto style abortion.
Just make sure you have a plunger handy...

Broken Penis

I have a female friend who broke her boyfriends penis.  They were having sex (missionary position), then all of a sudden, crack!
He jumped up and it started to swell, big time.  He tried to put on ice, but his penis just kept swelling.

Eventually, off to the hospital they went.  Turns out the BF had to get an operation on his penis immediately.
My friend then called his parents to tell them their son was in the hospital.  His parents rushed over to the hospital and arrived whilst he was being operated on.
My friend had to tell his parents what happened.  
This was the first time she had ever met his parents...

Broken Penis

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Dead Body Buffet

Dead body buffet.  Buy 1 get 1 FREE!

Dead Body Buffet

Jerked Off AND Hung

Getting Jerked Off - Good.
Getting hung after you cum - Not so good

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