That's Phucked

Face Plant

This makes the guy in the First Real Alien article look almost healthy!
His face is planted on the ground.  Bad day for him?  Phuck yeah!

Face Plant

Phucking Surprise

This one is just a classic. Been on the site for a while but I don't think I ever officially posted it.
Carefully watch her asshole...

Drug Stealer Caught & Punished

Don't steal from the Mogadisho Cartel.   This is what happens...

Christmas Goblin Phucking

Merry Christmas phuckers!

First Real Alien

Is it just me.  Or does this guy look a little like an alien?

First Real Alien

Holy Shit


I just returned from a short trip to Cambodia (Cool temples)

But I will say.  Their food is not clean.  I spent the last two days shitting my brains out all over the bathroom.
Fun?  Phuck no!

Pics of this:

Required days of this:

Dear Lenscrafters

Dear Lenscrafters,

As you can see from attached picture.  I need new glasses.  Is there anything you can do?

Dear Lenscrafters

UN Is Dead

With the UN flag there.  What signal is this sending?

UN Is Dead

Is That Gum On the Roof

"Is That Gum On the Roof?" Her last thought...

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