That's Phucked

Syria ISIS Execution In The Street

At least he is not a hack job like many of the South American executions. Clean off!

Tried To Run, But Failed

This poor phucker tried to run from someone with a saw.
They lost the race. Remember if you're being chased you only need to run faster than your buddy...

Tried to run, but failed the batte of the saw

Cute Kurdish Fighter Rehana Beheaded By ISIS

The ISIS claim to have beheaded the sexy Kurdish fighter Rehana. However there are reports that she may have escaped.
Certainly my penis hopes this is true. It would be a waste...
Of course that does not help whomever that head belonged to!

Cute Kurdish fighter Rehana beheaded by ISIS

Mexican Shoot Off

Another Mexican cartel shooting. Maybe they should start making these more exciting so they have a chance?
Turn it into a Mexican Beat off. Whoever cums first is spared, the rest are shot...

Mexican stand off
Mexican stand off

Submitted to Mr. Phucked by Cyrus.

Beat Up By Girls

Getting beat up by a girl is never good for your reputation. This guy gets beat up by a bunch of girls.
This guy will never live this down!
(Uploaded by chrocrodia)

1 Stake 2 Girls

What does 1 Stake 2 Girls get you? Well, this!
Maybe related to Ghetto Baseball?
1 Stake 2 Girls

Four Dead Bodies, One Naked

Let's play "Guess the crime scene"
Four dead bodies, one naked with what looks like their head blown off. The others dressed and with a plastic bag on their heads.
Four Dead Bodies, One Naked

Dead Ghetto Stripper

When stripping only pays in change and some pills. It is time to go back to school....
Dead Ghetto Stripper

Poison Pussy Plague

Victim 6 has died from a hooker in Nigeria who laces her pussy with poison.
The latest victim died after going down on her.
Who goes down on a hooker? Just phuck her!

poison pussy plague hooker killed with her laced pussy - Adult Disclaimer

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