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Krokodil Drug After Effects With Flesh-Eating

Want your flesh eaten?  Then take the new narcotic known as "Krokodil," or crocodile.
Krokodil first emerged in Russia more than a decade ago.  Krokodil made its first appearance in the United States in Arizona recently.

The cheap and highly addictive opiate is typically prepared in an injectable form by cooking up codeine with caustic chemicals including hydrochloric acid and turpentine, which rot the flesh, leaving bone and muscle tissue exposed.

Krokodil is as addictive as heroin but it is much, much cheaper. You get much more bang for your buck!

What is catastrophic is what happens to your skin and your insides.  It dissolves people's fat and dissolves people's muscle tissue.  Could this be the next fat loss pill?  ;-)

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration does not include Krokodil among its online list of drugs of abuse, which includes cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine and marijuana.  So is it legal?  Interesting...

Krokodil Drug After Effects With Flesh-Eating
Krokodil Drug After Effects With Flesh-Eating
Krokodil Drug After Effects With Flesh-Eating

Drug Shooting

Bodies, bullets and a camera.  The essential ingredients for a ThatsPhucked picture.

Drug Shooting

Phucked Up Growth

Don't know what the phuck happened to this poor girl.  Kind of looks like an alien attacking her head...

fucked up growth on girl

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Your Face On Angel Dust

Your Face On Angel Dust

While under the influence of angel dust this man decided to peel off his own face using pieces of a broken mirror and feed the strips of flesh to his pet dogs.  He survived due to large amounts of drugs anesthetizing his system.  The dogs were removed by police to the animal shelter, where their stomachs were pumped, resulting in the recovery of pieces of the man's face, lips and nose.

If you even needed a reason to not do drugs, this is it!

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The Fisting Story

I'm not really sure how it happened.

Actually, I do know how it happened.

Surfer Guy and I were rolling on ecstasy one night and we got to talking about my kinks and fetishes list.

SG: That I was a pretty cool list, but I meant to ask... I didn't see anything on there about rimjobs... how do you feel about that?
Me: I'm down! Are you into anal play? On you, I mean?
SG: Well, sure... it's a definite erogenous zone, for sure.

Fast forward to being naked in his bedroom, with a porn DVD playing on every TV in his condo. I'm going down on him and I tell him to turn around and bend over, to which he happily obliged. I planted my face in his ass while jerking him off (also known as the rusty trombone), and I'm thinking I had my face buried in his pooper for a good twenty minutes.

We move up on the bed, and at some point or another (while I was on the phone with a friend of mine, I think), I told him to finger me.

I felt one finger.

Then two.

Then three.

And I was yapping away on the phone, I felt the airspace get a little too tight (if you know what I mean), and I asked, 'Dude, how many fingers do you have in there?'

SG: Uh. All of them.
Me: Whoa, really?
SG: Yeah. This is kind of cool. I have never had this many fingers in a girl.
Me: Sweet!

I was curious as to why he would stick his entire hand in my vagina. Then I remembered a conversation we had a few weeks prior -- something along the lines of, 'Got any lube? Let's see how many fingers you can fit in my crotch!'

I went back to yapping and at some point or another, I handed the phone off to Surfer Guy so I could continue blowing him, and then I hung up -- while going down on him.

SG: Why don't you stick a finger in there?
Me: OK!

So, in porno-fashion, I hawked a volley of saliva into his back-door canal and stuck a finger in there. Then I opened up the bottle of lube with my one good hand and drizzled a little bit on the surface.

He went absolutely fucking crazy.

Do Not Do Steroids!

steroid abuse Severe Acne Conglobata Induced by Anabolic Steroids

Picture (a)
The patient was 21 years and reached his perfect body image with the assistance of Steroids.
Then, the shit hit the fan!

Picture (b)
shows severe Acne Conglobata

Picture (c)
Is after 6 weeks of antiseptic-antibiotic therapy.  Already his body has deteriorated in terms of muscle mass.

Phucked Up? For sure!


Google Street Cam Captures Drunk Guy

A man who fell asleep in a drunken stupor on the grass outside his home in Australia was horrified to find his embarrassment posted on the internet.
He had been drowning his sorrows over the death of a friend and collapsed after climbing out of a taxi.
As he slept it off, a car-mounted video camera passed by to record pictures of the street for Google's StreetView website.

His name is Bill...

Are You Crazy?

Projectile Dysfunction

If you like playing video games, this could be for you.

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