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Dogs Immobilized Then Skinned Alive in China

Dogs Immobilized Then Skinned Alive in China

Dog vendors operate on commission, so their interest is apprehending as many dogs as possible. Sometimes, they work 24 hours to meet demand (especially ahead of the Yulin Festival, the biggest gathering of dog meat eaters in this world). This image only comes to show a glimpse of the tremendous suffering of these canines. Once they are snatched off the street or directly from their homes (because some of the dogs involved in the dog meat trade are pets), they have their legs tied together, before being shipped to open markets or restaurants. There, these helpless animals are either barbecued or boiled alive, depending on customer preference. Sometimes, vendors will keep the dogs alive, crammed in tiny cages, with no food and water, just to prove to customers that the meat is fresh.

In spite drawing massive international criticism, China has refused to ban the dog meat trade. Authorities have done nothing to put an end to this suffering.

Authorities in Yulin have also been highly inefficient and completely uninterested in tackling this issue. They have promised on numerous occasions that the dog meat festival will be cancelled, but yet it has taken place every year. This year, Yulin officials have pledged that dog meat consumption will only be limited to the days in which the festival takes place. But an undercover investigation carried out by the Humane Society International has revealed that dog meat is sold all year round without any restrictions.

China must tackle the dog meat trade and end the suffering of millions of dogs as soon as possible! During all this time, the country has explained that eating dogs has a lot to do with their culture and tradition. In my opinion, this is a pathetic and convenient excuse. Authorities must understand that dogs are pets, they are cherished family members and not food. Making this shift in ideas and perception will not be an easy process, but it is widely known that when China sets its eyes on something, the country delivers!

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Sissybaby Wetting Diapers

Sissybaby for those unsure (per Urban Dictionary)
"A male who enjoys dressing up as a baby/little girl, usually wearing extremely frilly and girly dresses as well as diapers"

So here you go in all its video beauty. Thanks to kop4560000 for the upload.

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