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Arrested for Texting

samsung cricket phone

Recently an incident occurred in a Wisconsin where a 14 year old girl was arrested by police officers after she was reported to the police by her teacher for texting on her phone during class.

The girl was caught texting by her teacher and was asked to hand over the phone, but refused to.  The girl argued back and continued to text during her class.
The pissed off teacher ended up calling the police, who then came to the school to question the girl. After repeatedly denying ever having a phone, officer Jeffrey S. Griffin, noticed that the girl had her pant zipper undone. This lead officer Griffin to believe that the girl hid the phone in her pants...

Officer Griffin then asked for a female officer to perform a physical search. After a frisk down, Officer Paula Roberson retrieved a Samsung Cricket cell phone from "the buttocks area" of the girl. The girl then laughed and was promptly arrested for lying to the police about not having a phone, as well as lying when the officers attempted to ask for the girl's phone number (presumably so they could call her ass)

The 14 year old girl was charged with a misdemeanor with a bail of $298 and a mandate to appear in court.
Arrested for texting in class...

Maybe she should have hid the phone like in this video 1 Girl 1 Phone (Not the girl in this story)

GPS in Lingerie

lucia lorio GPS linger GPS can be used to track cars, airplanes and even bombs, help you find your way home. But did you know that it can even keep tabs on your lovers?

A new high-tech lingerie set by Brazilian maker Lucia Lorio comes with a GPS tracker for insecure lovers, but Lorio says the technology could also conceivably enhance personal protection.

The lingerie set comes with a bikini bottom, fake pearl necklace and a see-through lace bodice. The GPS unit is embedded in the waist area of the bodice and constantly updates the wearer’s position through mobile phone networks.

Lorio’s GPS lingerie currently retails for approximately $785.

John Mayer Provides Apple Tech Support for His Dad, Fails Miserably

John Mayor trying to walk his Dad through some Apple technical support.

Such classics as:
"Click on the naked lady"
"No Dad you cannot remotely unplug it"

Favorite Sex Toys

Spicy Waterproof Rabbit

The following is from one of our readers describing her favorite sex toys.
Feel free to chat with her too, her screen name is "sexymutha85" and you can chat with her in the forum!

I have a HUGE collection of toys.  My favorites are split up in 2 different categories.
My "Me" toys and my "Couple" toys.  My top 5 favorites would have to be:

My "Me" Toys

  1. My We-Vibe..  I just got it a week ago and I love it.
  2. My Spicy Waterproof Rabbit. I have a variety of rabbit vibrators but that's my favorite.
  3. My Venus Butterfly.
  4. I can't remember what this one is called. But its coordinated with my cell phone which vibrates every time my phone rings.
  5. My lipstick vibrator. I am a very sexual person (meaning I'm extremely horny all the time) so there are times when I'm out and about and I feel the need to cum.  So I can slip into a bathroom,  changing room, or my car and my handy dandy vibrator saves the day.

My "Couple" Toys

  1. My We-Vibe..  This doubles as a "Me" and "Couple" toy.
  2. My Bendable Dual Dong.  This is for my female friends.
  3. My Fukuoko Power Pack.  This is an interesting toy.
  4. A variety of bondage toys. I love to be tied up and I love tying people up.
  5. My Love Swing


Nerds Get Ready - Next iPhone is Coming

3G iPhone Release Date Yes folks.  The next version of the 3G Apple iPhone will be released during the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2008.
The conference runs between June 9 and June 13th 2008.

It's not Phucked Up but it's a good way to waste more money!

More 3G iPhone Technical Details Here

Girls of CES 2008

Girls of CES 2008 The Consumer Electronic Show 2008, more commonly known as CES 2008.
Is where all the gadget freaks get together and push a bunch of buttons!
Now where there are gadgets, there are booths.
Where there are booths, there are booth babes!

Courtesy of Here they are:

View More CES 2008 Booth Babes

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Coolest Remote Control at CES 2008

VAVE100 Universal SideShow Remote Control VAVE100 Universal SideShow Remote Control VAVE100 Universal SideShow Remote Control
Could this be the coolest remote control yet?

With the ability to control Windows Vista Media center from its own built in 2.4" screen, it sure is a front runner on my shopping list.
The shipping date is on or before February 28th, 2008.

Read More

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Google confirms cell phone plans

Google is almost as cool these days as Apple.  So it only makes sense that Google will roll out a phone to compete with Apple.

Details on pricing and design are not available at this time.  Google has already struck deals with HTC, LG Electronics, Motorola, and Samsung to include its software in some of their upcoming phones.  Additionally, Sprint and T-Mobile have agreed to provide service for the phones in the US.

Google say phones with the software built-in will be available by the middle of next year.

Of course by the middle of next year, Apple will release their next version of the iPhone

More Technical Details here 

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HD DVD Player for under $100

Toshiba HD-A2 HD DVD Player

Have you been waiting for prices to drop on HD DVD players before jumping on the HD bandwagon?

Time to jump on boys and girls.  For the first time Wal-Mart is dropping the price of the Toshiba HD-A2 player to $98 for a limited time on November 2nd.

The device debuted earlier this year and carried an initial MSRP of around $500.  Wal-Mart began selling it in late October for just under $200, making it the lowest-priced high-def disc player at a major retailer.

The November 2nd sale begins at Wal-Mart stores around the country at 8:00 AM, and is only available while supplies last (no rain checks).

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