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Dr. I Swallowed My Keys, Can You Help?

I'm sure she would now regret heading to the hospital and saying she swallowed her keys....
i swallowed my keys

Poison Pussy Plague

Victim 6 has died from a hooker in Nigeria who laces her pussy with poison.
The latest victim died after going down on her.
Who goes down on a hooker? Just phuck her!

poison pussy plague hooker killed with her laced pussy

Hoofed Feet Woman

Just want to send her for a pedicure!

Hoofed Feet Woman

Krokodil Drug After Effects With Flesh-Eating

Want your flesh eaten?  Then take the new narcotic known as "Krokodil," or crocodile.
Krokodil first emerged in Russia more than a decade ago.  Krokodil made its first appearance in the United States in Arizona recently.

The cheap and highly addictive opiate is typically prepared in an injectable form by cooking up codeine with caustic chemicals including hydrochloric acid and turpentine, which rot the flesh, leaving bone and muscle tissue exposed.

Krokodil is as addictive as heroin but it is much, much cheaper. You get much more bang for your buck!

What is catastrophic is what happens to your skin and your insides.  It dissolves people's fat and dissolves people's muscle tissue.  Could this be the next fat loss pill?  ;-)

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration does not include Krokodil among its online list of drugs of abuse, which includes cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine and marijuana.  So is it legal?  Interesting...

Krokodil Drug After Effects With Flesh-Eating
Krokodil Drug After Effects With Flesh-Eating
Krokodil Drug After Effects With Flesh-Eating

Metapod Baby

At least the parents of Metapod will save money on shoes.
Always look on the bright side...

Metapod Baby

Abortion - Legally Sending Babies To Jesus Since 1973

Gold Mine Of Black Heads On Nose

Dr. Vikram Singh Yadev just loves to remove black heads and even lick those phuckers.
These are not your regular black heads, this video is actually pretty phucked gross.

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Hooker Time

We found the hooker that Hooker Love phucked.

Hooker Time

Why Should You Use A Condom?

This does NOT look like fun. After this she may need some 18 Again - Vaginal Tightening & Rejuvenation - Adult Disclaimer

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