That's Phucked

No Threesome?

Not many cases when a threesome is not wanted. But this could be one...

Penis Probe

Why any guy would want to stick anything in their pee hole beats me. 
Remember the 1 Guy 1 Screwdriver?

penis probe

BTW. If anyone wants to try this. You can order the Anal Intruder With Urethral Plug. Yeah, really!
If can be all yours for the low prices of $64.99!
Anal Intruder with Urethral Plug

Love Bite

Merthyr Tydfil - Wales - UK

A woman almost bit off her husband's penis as he cooked sausages for dinner - while she gave him oral sex.
In the heat of passion he lost his grip on the pan and poured boiling oil down her back.
She clenched her teeth on his penis and in agony he bashed her on the head with the pan.
Both only admitted how they received their injuries after "intense questioning" by hospital doctors in Merthyr Tydfil.
The man needed treatment to his penis while the wife had burns, two black eyes and a broken cheek bone.

Here is the original article:

love bite

Busted Balls?

I have to admit. I am not too sure what this is. It does however look like a really phucked up penis. Or at least what is left of it... 

Balls blown off

Gangnam Style Dancing Penis

I'm sure you've all seen the original PNY Gangnam style video?
Here is the ThatsPhucked version, the Gangnam Style Dancing Penis

Shout out to Ariko for sending to Mr. Phucked

Penis Doll For Ages 18 And Over

Too old for regular dolls?  Try the penis doll, she holds on tight!

"Buy within the next 30 minutes and she comes with kinky boots"

Penis Doll For Ages 18+

What Does Poo Say To Head?

So What Does Poo Say To Head?  Hi of course!

What Does Poo Say To Head?  Hi!

What to do when bathroom is full?

So what do you do when the bathroom on the train is full?
Pee out of the window of course!
Please do this when the train is not moving...

When this kid brings his first girlfriend home to his parents.  She won't be seeing the usual naked kid in bathroom pics!

What do you do when the train bathroom is full?

The Dog Man

Dude thinks he is a dog? He even scoots his ass on the floor just like one. - Adult Disclaimer

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