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Awesome New Olympic Sport

Now this would be the ultimate Olympic event. I think that viewership would really increase if they added it!

Are You Crazy?

Jilted bride sues her ex-fiancé and receives $150,000

If ever you guys out there need a reason not to get married, this is it!

When Wayne Gibbs asked RoseMary Shell to marry him, he gave her a 2 carat diamond ring and she happily said yes.  Shell was living in Pensacola Florida at the time and decided to leave her $80k a year job to move to Gainesville to be with Wayne.

About a month after Shell moved in with Gibbs, however, Gibbs expressed second thoughts in a note he left in their bathroom: He wanted to postpone the wedding.

Gibbs and Shell stayed together a few more months before officially parting in March 2007. Shell chose to take legal action and sued three months later.

During the three-day trial, Shell testified that she had given up a good salary with benefits to move in with Gibbs. In her current job, in the accounting department at North Georgia College and State University, Shell is making $31,000 a year.

Gibbs testified that he took Shell on several skiing trips during their partnership, made house payments for her, and gave her $30,000 to pay off some of her credit-card debt. He claimed he got cold feet after learning she had even
more debt.
Shell has over $42,000 is overall credit card debt.

After hearing the case, a Hall County jury awarded Shell $150,000 on Wednesday.

As for her engagement ring,  Shell said she does not know the value — but she will try to sell it.

All I can say is, WHAT THE PHUCK!

Dude Scares People On The Street

Worst. Email. EVER.

I am a reasonably good looking guy who is looking, simply,  for an  experience with a younger woman.  Please allow me a moment to expand...
I am 38 and have a daughter who is 18.  I only found out 2 years ago, I had this daughter.  Her mother passed away and she lives with her Grandparents back in my homtown. 
My daughter has grown into a beautiful, tall, exceptionally attractive young woman.  She looks, sounds and acts exactly like her mother whom I dated briefly many years ago.
I find myself drawn to her in a way that a father should not be drawn.  My fantasy is to have a Daddy/daughter experience.  Not a rape fantasy, quite he opposite.  A loving, teaching experience where my little girl seeks me to teach her about the intimate loved shared between a man and a woman.
I do not know if this is something your are willing to consider, let alone do.  I'll leave it to your discretion.
I hope to hear from you...

Annik hooks up with Naval Officer; never wants to have sex again

I suppose even with someone who is as sexually experienced as me, there is still a first time for everything.

One night, I had the hot idea of inviting this gorgeous Naval Officer up that I had met in San Diego for a night with me, and he agreed to come up.

When we start fooling around, he was the first one to dive into foreplay. I'm on my hands and knees while he's going down on me and at some point or another, decides to stick his fingers inside. I end up on my backside and about twenty minutes into it, he's still fingering me but at some point he had slipped in an extra finger. I LOVE being fingered as that is the easiest way to get me to climax and he had just the right hands for it. So about another ten minutes go by and I have my 5th orgasm (not joking) and he has managed to slip an extra one in there.

As time went on, my screams got louder and eventually went from being screams of joy to screams of pain without my realizing it. I finally thought, "This really isn't normal for me to be screaming like this." Even HE was trying to get me to shut up. I look down and I don't see any free fingers, so of course I have to ask.

"Dude, what are you doing?"
"What? Ah've got muh entar fist in thar!" (he's from the South)

He withdraws, continues going down on me, then REINSERTS four fingers back into my birth canal.

"Oh, that's so hot, baby. You know you want this."

And in between the "no no noes," I manage to climax again as he had reinserted his thumb in between my fleshy walls and his inner palm. He went deeper.


I was freaked out. I had never been fisted before.

"You sure you want me to stop? You sound jes' like yer enjoyin' it!"
"Well, awright."

We finish our foreplay and get to the dickin' (which was actually quite delightful as I came about another three times). After we're finished, I had to ask him.

"So, how far in did you get?"
"Oh, about this far."

He makes an elongated left fist and demonstrates how far in by cupping his right hand just a half inch above his left wrist.

I was in pain for many days after that.

RE: Elder Porn, What The Fuck?

Mr. Phucked's post on Elder Porn reminded me of something I read on Best of Craigslist:

Found: One large bag of "Granny Porn" DVDs

Dude (well, I assume you're a dude), what the hell is your problem? You left a huge bag full of Granny porn on the sidewalk in Carlsbad. I can only assume this was deliberate. It's not like you're walking the streets with five pounds of porn DVDs, get home, and realize "damn, I must have accidentally dropped all my porn somewhere".

Come on man, what's wrong with you? Some kid could have found this stuff. I won't lecture you about the general moral obligation to properly dispose of porn. For a guy whose collection includes volumes 1-8 of "Deep Throat Grannies", I doubt the term "moral obligation" is a part of your regular vocabulary. I'm sure you're also the kind of guy who dumps his used motor oil down the sink.

Seriously though, do you want some kid finding this stuff, popping it into his Mouseketeers DVD player and seeing his nana taking on more cocks than she has holes? Yeah, I'm sure that won't cause any latent problems as the kid grows up and tries to nurture normal relationships with women.

Anyway, I'm a meat and potatoes kind of guy and this content is just a little too mature for my pallet. If anyone is into this stuff and wants the DVDs, hit me up with an email. Maybe one of you girls on a budget would like to pick up something thoughtful for your man (Valentine’s Day is just around the corner). There's something like 200 hours worth of (mostly) Granny porn here. Oh, and if you look like Macaulay Culkin I'll need to see some ID.

By the way, I'm keeping one DVD called "Bangkok Boobarella". Hey, even we meat and potatoes guys occasionally want a little port-wine reduction.

Jeez, Grammy! Say it ain't so!

Elder Porn, What The Phuck?

Shigeo Tokud

The Japanese seem to have an art for some phucked up shit.  Just take a look at 2 girls 1 finger video if you need some evidence.
I guess after watching 2 girls 1 finger that it is not too surprising that the Japanese have a new booming sex industry, Elder Porn!

Shigeo Tokud (pictured) is 74 years old and one of many ever growing elder porn stars.  He has appeared in over 350 films in the past 14 years.
He specializes in "older-men-and-daughters-in-law" series of films with such hits as Maniac Training of Lolita's, in December 2004 and Forbidden Elderly Care in August 2006.

With the ever increasing amount of elder residents in Japan, industry experts expect this segment to grow.  Already about 300 of the 1000 films produced by Shigeo's distributer are "mature women" films.

17 Teen Girls Get Pregnant Deliberately

teen girl pregnant What the Phuck is going on in High Schools in Boston?
17 teenage school girls, many less than 16 years of age have become pregnant in a "pregnancy pact"
They have entered into a pact to have their babies together over the year.

"Some girls seemed more upset when they weren't pregnant than when they were," Gloucester High School principal Joseph Sullivan told Time magazine.

Local officials said at least some of the men involved in the pregnancies were in their mid-20s, including one man who appeared to be homeless. Others were boys in the school.

What are these girls thinking?  It will be fun to have baby as a teenage girl?
The men in their 20s will probably end up with statutory rape charges and they will ALL end up paying for the next 18 years with child support! 

Guys.  If you ever need a reason to ALWAYS wear a rubber, this is it!

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