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What to do when bathroom is full?

So what do you do when the bathroom on the train is full?
Pee out of the window of course!
Please do this when the train is not moving...

When this kid brings his first girlfriend home to his parents.  She won't be seeing the usual naked kid in bathroom pics!

What do you do when the train bathroom is full?

Heading Out To Catch The Train

Brings a whole new meaning to, heading out...

Heading Out To Catch The Train


Judging my the tire tracks it looks like the poor bastard was flattened by a truck tire.
At least it was quick!


Jeep Grand Cherokee Fire



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Mr. Phucked Is In Thailand

Yes he is, Mr. Phucked is in Thailand.  This is the kind of things I need to be aware of.
Must not get drunk, must not get drunk, must not drunk...

Thai tranny

Thai tranny 2

Thai tranny 3

Man Chopped In Half By Truck

In this video of a Man Chopped In Half By Truck the poor bastard just lies there as others just watch.
His entire torso cut in two.  Amazingly he is still very much alive and conscious.  Poor bastard!

His name is Peng Shulin. Not only is it a miracle that he has lived to tell the tale, he’s now learning to walk again as the picture shown below.  Phucken Amazing!

Peng Shulin - Man cut in half by truck

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Guys, would you have sex with these girls?

These girls are pretty hot, and most guys would not hesitate to have sex with them.
In fact I'm sure many of you would even pay good money to have sex with them!

Well is a little tit bit for you.  They are all MEN!
Yes That's Phucked readers, they're all Lady Boys and have penises.

Regular readers of this site will of course know how to spot lady boys using our That's Phucked Lady Boy Advice Article


Adult Sex Vacations

Are you bored with the same old vacations?  Can't stand yet another trip to Hawaii or Florida?
Why not try a sex vacation!

This is true, no BS.

You can actually book a sex vacation and have a different girl every night in a luxurious resort for no more money than a luxury trip to Hawaii.

Here are some examples:

Taboo Villas

Total Satisfaction Holidays

Charlis Angels

Sure beats Disney Land... 

Thai Sex Shows

Following on from Yesterdays Thai Massage Parlors we have the Thai Sex Show.
There are basically 2 kinds.  The regular sex show and the show with animals!
Surprisingly, Mr. Phucked ran at out of time for the animal show.  I was too busy avoiding the Lady Boys!
It really is amazing what Thai women can do with their Vagina.  They really are very talented!

The sex show consisted of:

  • Picking up beer bottles with their vagina
  • Firing an egg out of their vagina
  • Firing ping pong balls out of their vagina into a target bucket

The finale to this show was a girl who managed to pull out of her vagina 100 pins all tied together with string.
This was truly amazing.  So when she was done with her performance, I had to ask how she did it.
Apparently the trick is to insert them carefully behind the stage with the sharp ending pointing inside her.  On stage she carefully pulls them out, with the blunt end coming out first, thereby preventing vaginal injuries (hopefully).

So there you have it, Thailand is filled with talented Vaginas! - Adult Disclaimer

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