That's Phucked

Man Eaten by Killer Whale

Looks like it is probably fake.  However it does look pretty good.
Imagine collecting shells and then being phucked by a killer whale?

Two Hole Stuffer

Do you all remember the 1 Ass 2 Fists Video?
Here is some more from the infamous duo in a follow up to the 1 Ass 2 Fists Video in what I like to call the Two Hole Stuffer.

In the Two Hole Stuffer he adds in the cock along with his fists.
Guys, have you tried this with your girl?
Ladies, would you like your guy to try this?
Let us know in the comments below...

How Many Beers Would She Take?

You've often heard terms such as:
"She is a 4 beer girl"  or maybe even "She is a 10 beer girl"
This of course is how many beers would it take before a girl (or guy) becomes attractive enough to phuck.

How many for this fat pig?  For me? I would die of alcohol poisoning before I would phuck her?

Head Blown Off

With so many heads being blown off on here, I thought I'd posted it.  If so, I'm sure you phuckers will remind me!
If not, enjoy...

Al Assad Killed 12 Year-Old Child

12-year-old child was shot by Bashar Al Assad and his gangs in Daraa| Al Haraa in Syria.  The people are trying to open his mouth to say that "There is No God except Allah and Mohammed(Peace be upon him) his Messenger"
For this reason they are trying to open his Mouth as they're repeatedly saying that phrase and they wanted him to repeat it after them.
Of course from looking at his head, he will not be saying anything...

Man Bites Head Off Pigeon

This dude must be hungry!  Bites a head off a live pidgeon!

Thanks to Jessie for submitting this to Mr. Phucked
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Man Shot On Street

This poor bastard will probably bleed out on the street!
Wrong place, wrong time!
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Show Me Your Genitals 2: E=MC Vagina

The follow up to Show Me Your Genitals we bring you "Show Me Your Genitals 2: E=MC Vagina"
Who said math was boring!

Top 10 Hottest Female Gamers

Now who say's that all gamers are nerds?
These girls show us that clearly it's not always true!

I'm in love with number 1.
Becky, if you're reading this... will you grab my controller?

#10 Jessica
#9 Pyra
#8 Clover
#7 Lauren
#6 Amy
#5 Mischief
#4 V3nus
#3 Oyuki
#2 Rachelle
#1 Becky
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