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Ugly Grandma Vagina

You know you would do it.  How many beers would it take?

Ugly grandma vagina

Woman Gets Owned By Truck

This woman seems to watch the truck coming towards her.  Does she run a little faster?  No!

Scary Fuck

There are just so many things wrong with this picture.

  • Ugly ass woman that looks like a man.
  • She is probably raping him
  • Breasts that did not develop naturally, or in the gym
  • She is twisting his nipple, hard
  • I find it amazing he is hard!
Scary black woman fucks a white guy

I wonder how many racist comments this picture will bring...

Killed By Dildo?

Is it possible to be killed by dildo?  Looks like it...

Killed By Dildo

Man with head missing in car accident

No airbag will save you from this kind of accident! 

Man with no head in accident

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Gross Granny Vagina

Some things should never be revealed.  This vagina is one of them!

gross granny vagina

Bomb Victim

This guy had one really bad day!


Skinny Chick

I've featured some skinny chicks before.  Check out this skinny chick or this skinny chick

This skinny chick looks like her breasts may explode at any time!

Ass Slicer

Can someone please explain how you manage to slice your ass off?

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