That's Phucked

Suicide Bomber Remains

Every wondered what suicide bombers look like after they explode?  Here you go, not a pretty sight!

Suicide Bomber

Spider Torture

Guess the spider is good at eating pussy?  I have to admit, I personally love eating pussy :-)

Spider pussy

World's Most Phucked Up Ass

This guy has one open ass, damn!

String Wrapped Penis

Just like in the meat section in the grocery story. Throw it on the BBQ and stuff it between some buns.

String wrapped penis

Porn Star Cries From Fisting

Perhaps this porn "star" should consider another profession...?

Parrot On Penis

They always say that parrots are needy animals.  But this?

parrot on penis

Phucked Up Growth

Don't know what the phuck happened to this poor girl.  Kind of looks like an alien attacking her head...

fucked up growth on girl

Thanks to Josh Sutton for submitting this to Mr. Phucked
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Phucked Up Tranny

Take a tranny, fill him/her with alcohol and then stick the empty bottle up their ass.  Yeah, that's a good night...

tranny with bottle up their ass

Fuck a Vice

This is not as bad as 2 kids in a sandbox.  But close! - Adult Disclaimer

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