That's Phucked

Do you really want children?

Mr. Phucked has often given thought to whether or not he would inflict onto the world a Jr. Mr. Phucked
Could this be my future?

don't give birth

Guy attempts to take a crap on street

Guy attempts to take a crap on the street but instead seems to push his ass out!

Guy attempts to take a crap on street but instead seems to push his ass out

Where is Mr. Phucked?

Mr. Phucked had a really good date last night :-)
What does that mean?  Well, no time to write a post, but not what all might think!

Normal service will resume tomorrow...

No Penis Or Pussy

I don't know what the hell happened here.  He/she has nothing!

no balls or pussy

Pepsi Pussy

Normally we have sluts squeezing objects out of their vagina's.  Guess she really prefers Pepsi over Cock, I mean Coke.

Thanks to "Trento Willy" for submitting this to Mr. Phucked
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Bored in a Slaughter House

Hummm.  Bored in a Slaughter House? Let's get naked and hold a pigs head next to my balls.  Sounds like fun...

laughter House

White Power

I just know this is going to bring out the racist comments!

White Power

Face Splitter

Any idea what happened here?  If so, we would love to know...

Guy Eats Scorpions

Dude really needs to try new foods. - Adult Disclaimer

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