That's Phucked

Fuck a Vice

This is not as bad as 2 kids in a sandbox.  But close!

Rat Vagina

Even rats need a good home.  I guess it's better than rats living in your walls...?

Stomach Tickler

I have to say, he takes that thing good!

Massive Vagina

As promised yesterday. Here is the massive vagina. Think she is tight? Nah!

massive vagina

Freaky Tits

Yesterday we had old freaky tits with the horny granny.  Today, younger freaky tits.  Tomorrow, some phucked up vagina!

freaky tits

Horny Granny

After the Putrid Granny from Monday.  Here is the horny granny.

Horny Granny

WARNING: Beheading In the Name Of Allah

Extremely graphic, watch at own risk.  Praise Allah...?

Loading the player...

Putrid Granny

Damn. I would in no way ever phuck the putrid granny. No way!

Would anyone phuck the Putrid Granny? Do tell...

You can also check out some of our previous putrid granny posts.  Granny 1 and Granny 2

Putrid granny

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Cops Shoot Dog

Happy 4th of July everyone.  This video has absolutely nothing to do with the 4th!
It's a little long, but it's of a pair of cops who eventually shoot a dog.  They said it was because the dog was a clear danger.
I beg to differ...

Thanks to Bluemagma for submitting this to Mr. Phucked
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