That's Phucked

Phucked Up Vagina 3

Since everyone loves phucked vagina's, here is another one.
Not only is the vagina phucked, ass is not looking too good either.  Look at the man hands as well!

Gross phucked up vagina

Phucked Up Vagina 2

Following on from our previous Phucked Up Vagina.  How about this one?

phucked up vagina

Phucken A Chicken

Dude supposedly phucking a chicken...

Personally?  I call fake (good fake) since you never actually see the whole chicken being phucked.

Thanks to DJ Smirnoff for submitting this to Mr. Phucked
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Phucked Up Vagina

Never fuck a girl for the first time with the lights off.  You just never know what she really looks like!

Phucked Up Vagina

Too Much Masturbation

Too Much Masturbation. This is what happens...

Too Much Masturbation

Man With No Legs On Street

Ouch?  So in the second picture... What are they doing?

no legs

Another Small Penis

I'm so glad mine is 4 inches. haha

Check out some of our previous micro penis and small penis competition articles.

small penis 1

small penis 2


Bum Gives Oral On Street

Bum gives another bum oral.  Maybe he got 0.25c for it?

Bull Impales Runner

You can actually see where the bull impaled the runner on his back! - Adult Disclaimer

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