That's Phucked

Land Mine Victim

Some people just have a bad day.  This guy can't just have a few drinks and be all good though.  Ouch!

land mine victim

Knife In Vagina

As you may or may not know.  Mr. phucked is heading to Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam next week.
If any of you have been over there.  Then you know there are some pretty phucked up sex shows to watch.
I have seem woman stick sharp pins in their vagina, but a full on knife? 

Knife in vagina

Knife in vagina

BTW: Service will continue even when I'm receiving a Thai Sandwich.  What is a Thai Sandwich?  Pictures to come...

Classic Phucked Up

Just to prove that Phucked Shit is nothing new, here is a classic...

Classic Fucked Up

Mr. Phucked's Girlfriend

You always wanted to know? Here she is.  The love of my life, the apple of my eye (cock eye)
Isn't she beautiful?

Mr. Phucked's girlfriend

Burn Victim

You computer crash?  Lost a few MP3's?  No biggie, you could like her...

burn victim 2

burn victim 1

Vagina Removal

Why remove a vagina?  Phucked if I know!

Vagina Removal 1
Vagina Removal 2
Vagina Removal 3
Vagina Removal 4
Thanks to Martin for submitting this to Mr. Phucked
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Scary Fuck II

We brought you the first Scary Fuck.  We found another pic of her destroying another white boy.
Look her legs, damn!

Scary fuck II

Man On Bike Run Over

This guys get's hit really hard.  Watch him bounce...

Woman With A Headache

So you wanted more gore?  How about a picture of a nice old lady with her head turned inside out?

Her eyes look like she almost saw it coming, whatever it was...

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