That's Phucked

Phucked Feet

This looks very similar to the Phucked Fingers.  Most likely photo-shopped, but phucked up anyway.
Sure makes athletes foot not too bad now!

Nasty Feet

Uploaded by EveningQuake

Goatsie Girl

The infamous Goatsie Girl.  She is here, in all her glory, damn!

Uploaded by YungLegend13

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Mr. Phucked

Shit Smear

Even in porn, whores can be..... dirty!

Uploaded by nokia6630videos

Naked Handicapped Girl

To some guys, maybe the ones with no legs.  Might just find her attractive!

naked Handicapped girl

Uploaded by nokia6630videos

Old Woman With Massive Maggot Infestation

An Old Woman With Massive Maggot Infestation, damn!
Can you imagine?


Uploaded By AwesomeFace

Man Found In Container Full Of Cement

Just don't ask me how this guy got stuck inside a container full of cement.  Presumably he really pissed someone off!

Man Found In Container Full Of Cement 1

Man Found In Container Full Of Cement 2

Uploaded by Boneyy

Out The Nose

Since I've been reviewing many of the videos for PhuckedTube.  I came across "Out The Nose" uploaded by yunglegend13 that I've not posted yet.
You think laughing so hard while drinking coke or beer is bad? Try cum!

Phuck a Toilet Whore With Your Stump

I don't know who thinks this shit up, I just show it.  Some guy wakes up in the morning and thinks, I need to find a guy with a stump to stick into some whore's face wearing a toilet seat.
Yeah, that's it!

whore with a tiolet seat and stump guy

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