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Man Shot On Street

Well after yesterday's Beheaded Baby.  How about some good old fashioned adult on adult murder!

Beheaded Baby

Who knows if this is real or not.  If it is, poor phucken baby!
How did it happen?  The doctor saw the head coming out and pulls too hard?  ooopps...

Edit 03/02/2010 10:30am
As usual some of you are complaining about this picture. Seems that animals and babies are a touchy subject. Men blowing theirs heads off, being shot etc. seem to be OK, interesting...
Some of you have said this is a late term abortion. I probably agree. Therefore if this picture prevents someone from having a late term abortion and causing something like this then maybe this is good.
Also, this site is not

Beheaded baby

Thanks to "a" for submitting this to Mr. Phucked
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Man or Woman?

So last week when I featured the Ugly Female Body Builder you all thought it was probably a guy.

What about this one?  She looks like she has tits, nasty ass phucken tits, but tits never the less.

ugly body builder

Retard Gets His Ass Licked By Dog

What do you get when you cross a Retard, Peanut Butter and a hungry dog?
Just watch...

Big Tits, Big Gun, Big Trouble

Would someone please put her out of her misery?

Big tits woman holding big gun

Bird vs.Turtle

Who says turtles are slow? We know turtles are horny little lovers...

Transvestite Midget

We have a midget who is a transvestite with a boner. Oh yeah, and don't forget ugly too!

Sometimes my job just scares me...

Tranvestite Midget

As for this video of another tranvestite midget. I don't think it's the same "midget"...

Wrestler Set On Fire

We had the Wrestler Syringed In The Mouth video now some poor phucked bastard is set on fire!

Father and Daughter...

Just put on some pants, please?

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