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Andrew Grande Dies After Choking On Pot and Being Tasered

Gay porn star Andrew Grande (stage name is Dustin Michaels) lost his life for a bag of marijuana. And it was all caught on tape!
He swallowed some bags of marijuana so the police could not catch him but ended up choking to death on it.

After all these years choking on gay cock, he dies of this, classic!

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Lemon Party

lemon party with old men having sex

I'm sure many of you have seen the "lemon party".  It's now pretty infamous on the internet.
People send you a link to the lemon party and people just blindly click it not knowing what it is.
Of course, when you do you're presented with the lemon party which is 3 old men in bed together.
If you're wondering what the hell this has to do with lemons?  An old man is often referred to as a Lemon, hence lemon party.

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Ass Photocopy

Bored at work? Just photocopy your ass...

Web Site Updates

Tonight the server has been updated.  You should notice that the web site and videos now load a little faster.
You may or may not give a phuck but enjoy anyway!

Mr. Phucked

Another Abortion

You guys just love these abortion pics with the Late Term Abortions and the beheaded baby.  Here is another one that was sent it.

abortion picture

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Big Bouncy Tits

Web Site Problems

Yesterday I "attempted" to update the web site with new features.  As it turns out the changes sucked up all the memory on the web servers and either caused the site to slow or not respond at all.
So... I put it all back to the way it was until I resolve the problem.  You may notice some comments have been removed since last night, appologies to those that commented since last night.

All should be well now!

Mr. Phucked

Rugby Player Shits On The Other Team

He should have went at half time...

rugby player poos himself

Drunk Woman Attempts Self Enema

For some phucked up reason this drunk woman (not bad looking) decides to give herself a self enema.
Let's just say if it went like she hoped, it would not be on this site.   Enjoy... - Adult Disclaimer

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