That's Phucked

Mr. Phucked's Pet

I take this thing for walks every day. I still don't know what it is. Anyone?

What the phuck is this

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Pencils In The Pussy

Although not as phucked up as Candles in the pussy or Asparagus In The Ass & Pussy.  Pencils in the pussy is...interesting...

Pencils in the pussy

Uploaded by sexliesandlust

Baby Born With Heart Outside His Body

Why do all these freaky babies come from India or China?  Guess there is a lot to be said for western medicine!

Uploaded By blogrish

Eye Sex, Hentia Style

As I always say.  The Japanese have a way with phucked, especially when it comes to Hentia.
Take that dick biatch, take a real close look!

Eye sex hentia
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Guy did not even finish talking before they shot him.  Ouch!
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Execution In Lebanon

In Lebanon, they really know how to administer justice.  In a small village in Lebanon an Egyptian guy was arrested for molesting 2 children and killing them and both her grandparents. He returned to the scene of the crime to assist them in their investigation.  The locals had other ideas and captured him from the police, dragged him behind a car first then put him up an electric pole in the middle of the street.

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Testicle Skewering

I always cringe when I watch men doing shit to their penises. Brings a tear to my eye!

Uploaded By raton2000

Phucken Nasty Pussy

This pussy is way big (not sure how) and pierced to hell.  I'm sure most of you male readers would still phuck it...right?

Phucken nasty pussy
Submitted by someone, just don't recall who.

Buck Angel or a Tranny?

Given the choice, which one would you choose?  Buck Angel, who was a woman and now very much looks like a dude but has a real pussy.
Or a sexy hot tranny, with a dick?

Choose wisely...

Buck Angel or a Tranny

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