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Crash turns toddler into chain smoker

Another kid is smoking, again! This one is a Chinese toddler Ya Wen who also drinks beer and smokes up to a packet of cigarettes a day after being struck by a speeding van.

"She likes drinking," her mother said.
"Three glasses of beer is no problem to her."

Her mother, Gao Wen, said her daughter has been smoking ever since she checked out of the hospital about a year ago. "The first time I found her smoking was in the toilet," she said.

"Before that I often saw cigarette butts in the toilet and thought they were dumped by my husband."


The chimp and the frog

When you're looking around the house for something to masturbate with. A frog is not top of your list. For this horny chimp it was, he phucked a poor little frog...

Unicorn Lady

Enough gore for a little while...
This is a picture of a 69 year old woman with a horn growing out of her head.

Unicorn lady

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Niger vs. Germany

I just know this is going to drive you guys crazy.  The comments will be full of racist comments I'm sure.

I'm sure whomever put this up on TV during the soccer world cup should probably have done Germany vs. Niger instead of Niger vs. Germany.

Nigeria vs. Germany

Pins In Balls

Why any man would hurt their own balls escapes me.

Pins in balls

BSDM Masturbation

Don't know what the hell this guy is doing, but he likes it!

Don't Loose Your Head

Looks like a bike accident to me.  In fact, looks like most of his clothes are missing too...

Don't loose your head
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Devil Pussy

Can you imagine going down on her?  Eat my pussy or you go to hell biatch!

devil pussy

Girls Squirts Guy With Wiper Goggles

This video cracked me up. Dude is wearing goggles with wipers on them for the girl to squirt him. Classic phucked!

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