That's Phucked

Can You Spot The Head?

Can You Spot The Head? Yeah, I cannot see it either...gore

Fisting Heaven

As they say in McDonalds. She is lovin it.

Killed for bad Tattoo

Thinking of a tattoo? Does not leave a sexy corpse...
Of course the rotting in water may have something to do with that...

bad tattoo corpse

Armless Victim

Who needs arms? Might make it hard to play XBOX but that is why you have the motion sensor, JUMP!

Armless victim

Hand Cut From Loyal Reader

Normally posts are from pictures of the dead, that are often truly phuckep up.
However today I'll feature a picture of a reader who phucked up his hand pretty good, check out those tendons...

(Click pic to zoom)
Reader hand cut

Thanks to Jakestoned who was perhaps stoned when he did this!

Here is not looking at you kid!

Here is not looking at you

What are you looking at?

What are you looking at? Yeah, he is looking at me funny!

Apple Watch Wont Work

With all the recent news about Apple Watch not working with Tattoos this guy did have a problem. Was he killed for it...?

Apple Watch Wont Work

Another 3rd World Road Accident

If you have even visited a 3rd country such as Vietnam. Horrific road accidents are common place due to scooter are just not that safe!
Even kids are killed horrifically.

Another 3rd World Road Accident - Adult Disclaimer

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