That's Phucked

When Tits Explode

Need a reason to NOT get that breast implant? Look what happens when it goes wrong

The Headless Rider

The Headless Rider. Coming to a theater near you!
headless rider

Car Accident Hell

No car accident is any fun. But look at the way her head is just ripped off. Ouch!

Car accident hell

Playing the Rock Paper Car Game

If you're going to throw a rock at a moving car. Don't assume they will be OK with it and drive slow for you.
Thanks to intelecto for uploading the video.

Seat Belts Save Lives

Seat Belts Save Lives. Always wear yours!
Seat Belts Save Lives

Street Yoga

Street Yoga. Downward facing dog...
Street Yoga

Yoga Accident

Ever tried yoga? Sometimes those stretches are a little too much?
This is the result of a yoga class gone wrong.
Well, OK, maybe not...

yoga accident

Leg Ripped Off In Bike Accident

At the end of the video you see the leg laying on the side. Perhaps they can reattach it?

Car Accident - Must Update FaceBook

Sometimes "being connected" just goes too far.
If you're leg has just been run over, would you:

  1. Text your friends with a pic of your phucked leg and say "Check out my leg, that's gore bitches"
  2. Update your FB page with your phucked leg
  3. Tweet your friends with your phucked up leg pic
  4. Scream and cry and call 911
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