That's Phucked

Double Rainbow

We all know that at the end of a rainbow there may a treasure waiting for you.
What about a double rainbow?  Do you find double the treaser?
No, you don't.  You just get, well, go ahead and watch the double rainbow video and see!

The non-porn double rainbow guy (original) is here:

4 Dicks 1 Whore

Ever wondered how many dicks you can fit in 1 whore?
4 appears to be the max that will currently fit into a whore.  I have yet to be able to find a video of double anal, double vagina (4 dicks, 1 whore, 2 holes).
If anyone has that BTW, send my way!

At the end of the video she slumps down, exhausted.  Not too surprising since she does take 4 dicks!

Magnetic Anal Sphincter

Why would someone need the Magnetic Anal Sphincter?

Medically speaking:
"Fecal incontinence is the inability to control bowel movements, causing stool (feces) to leak unexpectedly from the rectum."

Translates to:
Someone shits themselves uncontrollably.

Technology is a wonderful thing and technology has come up with a solution.  Place magnets up your ass to allow the asshole to open and close when the user wishes.

As shown in Fig 1 (Ass closed) and Fig 2 (Ass open).  Who says ThatsPhucked is not educational?

Magnetic Anal Sphincter Magnetic Anal Sphincter


Possible flaw in this plan?
If the device is remote controlled then it could be hacked!
Head over to Palm Springs or Florida (high amounts of old people) and send out a massive radio signal, and 1,000s of people suddenly shit themselves.

You know this device could be used to seal in the poop.  Then release when it has grown very large.
Then perhaps produce the largest poop in the world!

largest poop in the world!

Phucking Surprise

This one is just a classic. Been on the site for a while but I don't think I ever officially posted it.
Carefully watch her asshole...

You Will Take Anal Biatch

You will take anal biatch.
You will take anal biatch!

Subincision - Hammer Time

Subincision, yeah whatever. Seen that before many times (View more subincision here)
But this guy also sticks a hammer up his ass while he jerks off.
Whatever works for him...

Too Much Anal Or Bad Fart?

So is this too much anal or a bad fart?

Since it's 4th July.  Firework up the ass?   Yeah, I like that one Surprised

Too Much Anal Or Bad Fart?

Fill Every Hole

What do you think is going through her head?

"Hope my Dad does not see this"
"Keep that dick did away from me!"

fill every hole

Championship Dog Ass

This is strangely phucked.  Why is she so proud of her dogs ass?
Is this one of those things where she slaps on some peanut butter onto her pussy and asks her dog
"Ok boy, eat up!"

Championship Dog Ass

Championship Dog Ass

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