That's Phucked

Waste Of Good Poontang

It is always sad to see someone pass before their time. But it is even worse when so many men will never have the pussy again.
What a waste...

Waste Of Good Poontang

Cold Dead Lover

She may look good, she may be sexy, she may have nice tits.
But, she is dead.

Cold dead Lover

What a Waste

Her family will miss her.
Her friends will miss her.
Her dog will miss her.
Many potential penises will miss her.

What a waste...

Waste of an Asian chick

Eye Stabber

Looks like that guy is trying to pull his eyes out!

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Eye Stabber

Asian Fever

Asian Fever

A condition which strikes mostly males. The symptoms of this condition include a longing for companionship and sexual pleasure from Asian women. Sufferers of this condition will show agressive tendencies that will cause them to act goofy around any girl with almond-shaped eyes, black hair, and exhibiting any kind of other supposed stereotype about Asian women. Because of cultural differences, however, most sufferers of Asian Fever are never cured.
Urban Dictionary

Asian Fever

Also.  Asian Fever can kill!

According to Professor Hyeouk Chris Hahm at Boston University from Boston University website from search engine :

Asian American women had a higher prevalence of STDs than White women in both 1995 (10.4% vs. 7.7) and 2001 (13.5% vs. 8.3%). The incidence of STDs (not diagnosed with STDs in 1995, but developed STIs in 2001) among Asian American women was also higher than that of White women."

Moreover, the power dynamic between genders became immediately clear. Asian American women were four times more likely to have a STD than their male counterparts. This was shocking, said Hahm, It was so much higher than the males.

She stated, “Asian and Pacific Islander women also have broader interracial dating patterns than Asian American men. This might explain why these women are exposed to higher rates of STDs.”

According to the Banyan Tree Project (a campaign that advocates HIV awareness) website:

- "Asian-American women have the highest rate of increase in new HIV infections - higher than any other ethnic group."

-"The increase in HIV infections has risen alarmingly among Asian American women, and will soon surpass the rate of infections in high-risk populations. "


Sexy Dead Whores

That's Phucked likes sexy and we love dead and adore whores!
What do you get when you combine sexy, death and whores?
Sexy Dead Whores!


Sexy Dead asian Whores
Sexy Dead asian Whores
Sexy Dead asian Whores
Sexy Dead asian Whores
Sexy Dead asian Whores
Sexy Dead asian Whores
Sexy Dead asian Whores

Smile For The Camera

Just look at those teeth!

Smile For The Camera

Would You?

OK, Guys.  She is dead, but that normally does not stop the average horny guy.
Look at picture number one, then slowly scroll down to picture number two.
Would you phuck her?

Then slowly scroll down to picture number 3. Still phuck her?
Do tell...

Would You fuck the sexy dead asian girl?
Would You fuck the sexy dead asian girl?
Would You fuck the sexy dead asian girl?

Still phuck her now?  About with a paper bag?

Woman Beating A Baby

Video of a woman, not sure if it's the mother.  Beating a baby.
Baby keeps crying, so she keeps beating the baby.
Hopefully, someone somewhere, will beat her...

May 12th, 1:45 PM Update

I find comments on articles fascinating.
People ask for more content that is phucked.  When something "really" phucked shows up such as a dog beaten with a shovel or a woman beating their child readers ask for it to be taken down.  This, I find very interesting!

Of course, as always, this video will stay up.

For some background (Thanks Lisa)
This occurred in Malaysia and apparently the woman served 18 months in prison after the police got hold of this video.
The woman was raped and this child was the result.
Oh, and yes.  I did get the male/female correct this time Smile - Adult Disclaimer

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