That's Phucked

Sissybaby Wetting Diapers

Sissybaby for those unsure (per Urban Dictionary)
"A male who enjoys dressing up as a baby/little girl, usually wearing extremely frilly and girly dresses as well as diapers"

So here you go in all its video beauty. Thanks to kop4560000 for the upload.

Face Only a Mother Could Love

Truly only a face could love. From the looks of it, the father is not too happy.
Perhaps he is thinking, "Wonder if my slept with that ugly guy down the street"

I always thought the girls in Thailand were pretty sexy too...

Thanks to medicalshit for uploading the pictures.

Baby Dumped In Trash To Die

Fuck, get pregnant, dump your baby in the trash.
Certainly hope someone fucks up the mother!

dead baby

Dead Baby?

Not sure if this baby lived or died.  But one thing sure, that pussy will take some time recover...

Dead Baby?

Metapod Baby

At least the parents of Metapod will save money on shoes.
Always look on the bright side...

Metapod Baby

Baby Autopsy

Click for close up
Baby Autopsy

Chinese Baby Flushed Down Toilet

Want to know what happens after a baby comes out of either this vagina or this vagina?
Flushed down the toilet maybe?

But seriously, here is the back story.

Zhejiang province, China

A newborn Chinese baby was rescued from a toilet pipe after he was flushed away by his parents.

Chinese firefighters found the tiny boy lodged in a sewage pipe below a squat toilet in an apartment building in Jinhua, Zhejiang province. His placenta was still attached!!
Firefighters pulled him out of a 3 inch sewer pipe after neighbors reported a baby crying.

Police are treating the case as an attempted homicide and are looking for the mother and anyone else involved in the incident.

Tight Vagina Gives Head II

Remember how dangerous a tight vagina can be in the Tight Vagina Gives Head?
It appears it may be a common problem...

Alien Discovered?

Could this be the first alien?  ...or just a reject from the latest Hollywood studio?

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