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Once You Go Black, You can't Go Back

You've all heard the saying "Once You Go Black, You can't Go Back"
This slut girl would certainly agree.  In fact, she likes two at a time!

Maybe she should go play with the Eat her Or Rape Her girl.

Once You Go Black, You can't Go Back

Public Back Slashing

Bored today?  Why not slash your back in public with a sword?
No?  Well these guys thought it would be fun!

Thanks to James for submitting this to Mr. Phucked
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Can We Put Her Back Together?

Please pass the super glue.  I think we can put her back together again...

Can We Put Her Back Together?

Sexy Stitching

Sexy chest stitches
Sexy back stitches

Woman With Two Vagina's

You've seen someone stick two hands inside her pussy in The Biggest Pussy In The World - Part I
You've seen someone insert his entire foot into her pussy in The Biggest Pussy In The World - Part II
You've seen someone insert his entire head into her pussy in The Biggest Pussy In The World - Part III

Now we have possibly her sister.  The woman with a second vagina on her back.

Is it fake?  probably, is it Phucked? For sure!

Sexy Back Massage

The Sexy Back Massage was the VERY FIRST video submitted by a ThatsPhucked user to our new video section.
Makes me wonder where I can get this kind of massage.  The little asian places that offer "happy endings"don't do this (maybe thats a good thing)

Thanks to PEDOBEAR for submitting the Sexy Back Massage. - Adult Disclaimer

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