That's Phucked

Dr. I Swallowed My Keys, Can You Help?

I'm sure she would now regret heading to the hospital and saying she swallowed her keys....
i swallowed my keys

Uncle Bob?

Uncle Bob? Is that you?
I know I should have visited more often...
Uncle bob?

Winter Olympics - The Chair Flip

Think all the great stuff is happening Sochi, Russia for the winter Olympics?
Not all, here is the TP Chair Flip

Winter Olympics - The Chair Flip

Horrors of War

We have all seen war on TV and the movies. Here it is, up close and live.

Horrors of war

Dead Body Buffet - To Go

What do you do when you've eaten all you can at the Dead Body Buffet?
You take the rest home of course...

Dead Body Buffet - To Go

Dead Body Buffet

Looks like those Zetas are at it again. They didn't want to go for a Prime Rib buffet so they made their own.

Dead Body Buffet

5 Zetas Beheaded

Time for more Zetas to lose their heads.
First.  I need to send them a better camera. Their video quality sucks.
Second. If you have 5 guys, remember 5 machetes!
Guy on the far left has to wait his turn.  Now that is phucked up!

Here is the translation:

Executioner: What’s your name?
Zeta: Luis Alberto Lunas
Executioner:Luis Alberto Lunas. Who sent you?
Zeta: Zeta 40
Executioner: Zeta 40. What’s your name?
Zeta: Raúl Herrera
Executioner: Raúl Herrera. What’s your name?
Zeta: The fat guy from Zeta 40
Executioner: The fat one of Zeta 40. Who sent you?
Zeta: My name is Gilberto Román. I came here to blow up pineapples and to kill the passers in Matamoros.
Executioner: Kill the passers in Matamoros and blow up pineapples. Who sent you?
Zeta: My name is Gregorio López.

The last guy says his name even though it isn’t his turn yet, so he gets a handsmack and is told to shut the fuck up

Zeta: I’m Arturo Sánchez Muñoz, I come from Moncloa, commander la Sota sent me to regroup with some Reinosa guys
Executioner: What were you going to do, blow up pineapples?
Zeta: Yes sir
Executioner: Ok. You?
Zeta: My name is Gregorio López, and I joined Zetas 40 with the commander Alberto
Executioner: Well.. You guys are in this situation because you came here to Río Bravo to fuck it up, understand it. And this is for everyone thinking of coming to Río Bravo. All you bastards who try to get in, this will happen to you, yes, pay attention gentlemen. Everything is alright; this will happen to you. This is how your people will end up. This is how all your fucking people are going to end.

She Is All Broken Up

Some girls are broken up over a break-up.
This girl?  Really broken up, literally!

Click the pic for zoom, this one is good!
She Is All Broken Up with body parts everywhere very gore filled

Bike Accident In Asia

If you've even been to Asia and seen the mopeds everywhere.  You can see how this can happen.

Click to zoom
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