That's Phucked

Crispy Wonton

Yesterday we served some Crispy Fried Rice
Today, enjoy a Crispy Wonton

Crispy Wonton

Bound And Burned Alive

I've said it before, I'll say it again. Your day was not that bad.
This person had a BAD day!

Bound And Burned Alive

Baby Face

The face only a parent could love.  Remember parents, keep your burning hot water away from your kids!

Baby Face burned and scarred

Burned Ex Girlfriend

Looks like a good burning can confirm that we have broken up!

BF pours gasoline on GF and throws match and says
"No, we're not getting back together biatch.  You slept with my neighbors DOG!" 

Burned Ex Girlfriend

Roasted Balls

OK, last penis/balls one for a while after Don't hurt my penis and Don't Hurt My Penis II
I find it funny (in a phucked way) how these guys end up dead with their balls out there.

Roasted Balls and penis

Got a bit of a kink on that dick.

Spit On Me!

I assume she is black and not black from being burned. One thing for sure, she does not look happy...

Spit On Me, woman burning to death

Burned Penis

It seems that this poor phucker was burned along with his tongue and ears cut off AND shot!

(Click the pics for close-ups)

Burned Penis

Check out that charred penis too! Ouch!

Burned Penis


Skinless, lost some limbs and STILL alive.  If it were me, please kill me!

Miss Glooby

Did she melt herself?  Get caught in a fire?  Go crazy with the super glue?
Who knows.  She is phucked for sure! - Adult Disclaimer

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