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Happy Memorial Day!

For those viewers in America. Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Valentines Day Phuckers

Guys, I hope you bought some overpriced and half wilted flowers for your GF/Wife.
Ladies, I hope you give your guy some good head for his efforts.

Happy Valentines day!

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Happy Valentines Day Phuckers

Labor Day BBQ Special

It's labor day weekend so that means it's BBQ time!
That's Phucked is proud to offer you our weekend special, BBQ RIBS!

For our non-american readers.  Find out about the Labor Day Holiday (Not phucked)

Labor Day Special bbw ribs

3 People Run Over During Mcdonalds Hiring Day

3 people run over during Mcdonald's hiring day.  I guess the guy tried to make his own Big Mac!

Thanks to Bluemagma for submitting this to the comments sections. It deserved it's own posting!
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Racism Week, Day 3 - Blacks

Onto day 3 of racism week. Blacks or to be politically correct, African Americans.
Racism Week Day 3 blacks
Racism Week Day 3 blacks
Racism Week Day 3 blacks

Racism Week, Day 1 - Asians

I bet you all thought I'd start with Black didn't you?  Nope, Asians are the target today...

Racism Week, Day 1 - Asians
Racism Week, Day 1 - Asians - Adult Disclaimer

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