That's Phucked

Face Only a Mother Could Love

Truly only a face could love. From the looks of it, the father is not too happy.
Perhaps he is thinking, "Wonder if my slept with that ugly guy down the street"

I always thought the girls in Thailand were pretty sexy too...

Thanks to medicalshit for uploading the pictures.

Metapod Baby

At least the parents of Metapod will save money on shoes.
Always look on the bright side...

Metapod Baby

Frog Baby

Is it a human or is it a frog?  Nope, it is the frogbaby!

You know how mothers often think their baby is cute?
Even though everyone else thinks it is phucken ugly?
In this case, the mother committed suicide...

Mr. Phucked's Baby

Think he is cute?  Is that a penis growing out of his head?

mr. phucked baby

Two and a Half Men

Poor little phucker from India will grow up to actually be Two and a Half Men!
Sucks to be his little brother...

Two and a Half Men

Cheeze Pizza Face

Is this what happens if you eat too much cheeze pizza?  Her face kind of looks like cheeze pizza!

phucked face

Hiroshima Survivor

Remember, don't get too close to a nuclear explosion.  It won't look good on your driving license picture!

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