That's Phucked

Face Off

Even though his face is blown off, he takes a drink, plays with his gun and chats away as if nothing is wrong.

Hard To Kill

His tattoo says it all.  He is "hard to kill" although I doubt he will be able to smell his own shit after this.

Hard to kill

Faceless Person II

Now I have to admit.  This guy has lost more than just his face, he seems to be having head issues too.
What is interesting here is what he is holding.  It looks a little like those plastic scrapers you use on your windshield to remove ice.
I'm thinking he selected the wrong weapon...

Faceless Person II

Here's Looking At You Kid

You know when someones face is all messed up and their family cannot identify them?  They often use dental records in those cases.
What about when the face is all phucked up AND their teeth?  This is the question of the day...

BTW.  Check out that eye, it is looking at me!

Baby Face

The face only a parent could love.  Remember parents, keep your burning hot water away from your kids!

Baby Face burned and scarred

Face Plant

This makes the guy in the First Real Alien article look almost healthy!
His face is planted on the ground.  Bad day for him?  Phuck yeah!

Face Plant

Acne Removal Gone Wrong

Acne removal gone wrong? At least his face is clear of acne...

Acne Removal Gone Wrong

Smile For The Camera

Just look at those teeth!

Smile For The Camera

Miami Zombie Attack

I'm sure all you phuckers have heard of the Miami Zombie Attack where one guy bit off the face of some homeless guy (Ronald Poppo)?
The below video and pictures show a surveillance camera on the Miami Herald building of the Miami Zombie attack on the MacArthur Causeway.
Rudy Eugene strips Ronald Poppo of his pants and shoes and starts to eat his face. An unsuspecting cyclist calls the police who eventualy shoot Eugene dead.

Enjoy the pics and video of the Miami Zombie Attack

Miami Zombie Attack

Miami Zombie Attack 2

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