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Crispy Wonton

Yesterday we served some Crispy Fried Rice
Today, enjoy a Crispy Wonton

Crispy Wonton

Burn Baby Burn

Now I am pretty sure they are not helping him. How do I know this?
There is a rock in one ladies hand presumably about to be thrown at him. There is a stick in the guys head and wood to keep the fire going.
Yeah, that is no accident.

Burn Baby Burn

Fire Cracker In The Ass

If you're going to put a fire cracker anywhere. It should not be in your ass.
Maybe try a dogs ass perhaps, but not your own!

Spit On Me!

I assume she is black and not black from being burned. One thing for sure, she does not look happy...

Spit On Me, woman burning to death

Bus Crash And Fire

Some poeple made it out with a few burns, some had their insides coming out, some are not going home.
Think they get a refund on the bus fare?

Bus Crash And Fire

Bus Crash And Fire

Bus Crash And Fire

Bus Crash And Fire burn victim

Bus Crash And Fire with people burned alive

Fire Extinguisher Phucker

What do you do with your used up fire extinguisher?  I know, phuck it!

Fire Tits

Now that is some hot tits!

Jeep Grand Cherokee Fire



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Burning Man

Is this what happened to melted man?

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