That's Phucked

Knife To The Neck

Good reason to not do your own cooking...

Knife To The Head

Got Any Tape Buddy?

No really, got any tape? Maybe some super glue?
I can fix this!

Got Any Tape Buddy?

What a Waste

Her family will miss her.
Her friends will miss her.
Her dog will miss her.
Many potential penises will miss her.

What a waste...

Waste of an Asian chick

Losing Your Head

Losing your head in an argument can be taken to the extreme here at
Maybe he had it removed like this poor biatch, Decapitation Of Woman In Mexico

Losing Your Head

Blackhead Platter

WTF they're doing here.  I have no idea.
All I know is, it is fucked up.

(NOTE: Seems like black on black violence)

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Blackhead Platter

Human Dog Food

Interesting to note the chest area.  The body appears to have either it's organs removed or already gone through postmortem.
Either way.  Dog is hungry...

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Human Dog Food

Smile For The Camera?

Almost looks like he is trying to smile...

Smile For The Camera?

Skinned Head Sucks Penis

Along the same lines as the Dead Man Sucks His Own Dick article.
The killers of this poor bastard nicely presented his arms, hands, penis and skinned head (with nose removed)

Skinned Head Sucks Penis

Man With Part Of head Missing Awarded $58m


A California jury has awarded nearly $58 million to a 43-year-old house painter left with a massive part of his head missing after a security guard crushed his skull during a beating outside a Los Angeles-area bar.

"His skull is like a pie with 25% cut out of it," attorney Federico Sayre said at a news conference Monday.

Doctors had to removed part of Antonio Lopez Chaj's brain and skull after the April 2010 beating at La Barra Latina in Torrance. He can no longer speak, needs help walking and requires 24-hour care.

The guard was never charged as police said they lacked witnesses...

So make sure if you get beaten there are lots of witnesses! - Adult Disclaimer

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