That's Phucked

Human Dinner - Cannibalism

Sitting down to a nice Turkey this Christmas? Not everyone is...

Crane vs. Human

In the game of Crane vs. Human. Guess who wins?

Crane vs. Human.

Crispy Fried Rice

Crispy fried rice, the human version.

Crispy fried rice, the human version

Human For Lunch

Human anyone?
vulchers eating a human for lunch

Human Dog Food

Interesting to note the chest area.  The body appears to have either it's organs removed or already gone through postmortem.
Either way.  Dog is hungry...

Click pic to ZOOM
Human Dog Food

Human Or Tree?

Certainly a dead phucker.  But WTF happened to his head?

Human Milking

Human Kebab

I don't know how the hell this guy managed to do this, but that looks phucken painful!
Human Kebab

Human Slaughterhouse

This is actually a morgue in Russia.   Any Russians out there?

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