That's Phucked

Look Into My Eyes

Look into my eyes or my open neck. Either way is good...

Public Back Slashing

Bored today?  Why not slash your back in public with a sword?
No?  Well these guys thought it would be fun!

Thanks to James for submitting this to Mr. Phucked
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Chicken Man

After doing this site for many years.  If I look at a picture and think "holy crap, WTF is that?"
It must be something phucked.

What the hell are they doing here? What is going through their heads?

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Chicken Man

Dead Mother and Child

WTF happened here?  Is this a cesarean section gone wrong?
In which case why open the chest and cut the ribs?
Truly phucked up!

Dead mother and child

WTF Is This?

WTF is this?  What are the lumps on the side?
Vagina between the legs?  Looks like it...

WTF is this

Select Your Hole

Would you like to try the traditional vagina?  Or something a little different?
The choice, is yours...

Select Your Hole

Horse Getting Ripped Open

Seems to be a lot of horse shit on the net these days.  Perhaps it's because the US is considering making horse meat legal again.
It's already common place in countries such as France.  Of course the French don't shave their pussies or armpits either...

Horse ripped open
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