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Hunchback Porn

How desperate for money must she be?
Or... she likes to be phucked something that looks like a small alien...

Smallest Penis In The World

Many guys think their dick is not long enough, wide enough, has strange lumps on it (should probably see about that) or just is plain funny looking.
This guy however, will just never get laid. Unless he pays for it... 

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Micro Penis And Proud Of It!

This guy will never get laid.  Maybe he should move to Japan.  Their expectations are "smaller".

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Small micro penis

Small Penis Man Seeks Giving Female

My penis may be small, by tits & stomach large, by chin double, but I have so much love to give.
Give me a call at 1-800-sad-fuck

Small Penis Man Seeks Giving Female

Whale Does Dwarf

Big fat white chick plays with a black dwarf with a really big clit.
This is one threesome for which I would say NO!

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Penis Club Fail

Club is probably dark and he thinks no one can see him with his little dick out.  Then the camera flash goes off!
This just proves that not all black guys are big!

Penis Club Fail

Too Big or Too Small

Can this even be enjoyable for any of them?  I think the penis is too small AND the pussy is too big.

penis too small for loose pussy

Either way, she is fucked.

black penis too big for white pussy

Got to give her credit for taking all the big black cock!

black penis too big for white pussy

Smallest Penis Ever?

This picture was uploaded by one of our own readers, sg12345

It's pretty safe to say this guy won't get laid too much!

smallest penis in the world

Female Monster

If they have sex.  He will be dead...

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