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OK boys and girls. You have found the one site on the internet where all the videos that relate to girls and poo are all in once place!
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1 girl 1 pitcher

1 Girl 1 Pitcher
Have you ever been REALLY thirsty?
When you could drink anything?

 Sexy girl
Man Fatally Shoots Himself Video

Man Fatally Shoots Himself
Man Fatally Shoots Himself in a police holding cell

Ultimate Sex Toy

Ultimate Sex Toy
See the Ultimate Sex Toy in Action!

1 girl 1 phone

1 Girl 1 Phone
Ever lost your phone and could not find it?
I think I found it...

Phucked Up Hentai

What is Brazilian Fart Porn?
Watched South Park?
Find out what Randy watched - Brazilian Fart Porn!

Video of Babies Thrown from Temple For Luck
Video of Babies Thrown from Temple For Luck

Solapur in India, dropping babies from the roof of a temple into a bedspread fifty feet below is meant to give them good luck.
Phucked Up Hentai

Phucked Up Hentai
If you've not seen Hentai, it's time you did.
See girls being phucked by tentacles!
View Part I
View Part II

Massive Computer Generated Breasts

Massive Computer Breasts Video
See the true power of the "dual core" CPU!

Fudge Brownies Video

Fudge Brownies Video
You guessed it, it's not really fudge...

BME Pain Olympics Actual Video

BME Pain Olympics Actual Video
BME Pain Olympics Actual Video of a guy cutting off his penis and hacking his balls!

Video of Marine throwing puppy off cliff

Video of Marine throwing puppy off cliff
Phucked Up Video of a Marine throwing puppy off cliff

4 girls finger painting 4 Girls Finger Painting Video
4 girls taking a crap on each other, need I say more?
2 girls 1 finger 2 girls 1 finger video
Two Japanese girls barf into each others mouth, play with the barf in their hands. Then finally in a 69 position, one girl squeezes her poo into the others mouth.
2 girls 1 cup 2 girls 1 cup video
The original... One girl takes a crap into one cup and you fully see this event! You actually see the poo come out of her anus into the cup. Then both girls lick and swallow the poo from the cup and proceed to make out with each other with poo in their mouths!
Man has sex with a horse and later dies Man has sex with a horse and later dies
The man known as Mr. Hands has anal sex with a horse and later dies due to internal injuries. Normally this kind of injury would not kill a man, but he was too embarrassed to visit the hospital until it was too late.
Church of fudge video Church of fudge video
Priest and a nun, nun eats poo direct from Priest. Pretty sure it's real although I do not think they are "of the cloth"
2 girls 1 cup Dirty Sanchez the movie
There seems to be an amazing amount of people out there interested in eating, licking and basically chowing down crap! This guy sucks some poo out of this poor rabbits bottom.
Every Day Normal Guy Tourette's Guy
"Mother phucker you hit my dick"
"These fish sticks are as hard as tits"
"That's just tit dirt"
"I wouldn't phuck her with my own ass"
"It sounds like Chewbacca taking a shit"
How To Undo Her Bra With One Hand How To Undo Her Bra With One Hand
Do you want to be a suave player?
Be able to impress a girl with your sexy moves? - Adult Disclaimer

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