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So observations here.
Why are her pants down yet she is still wearing underwear?
What is the white board next to her?
Why does someone not pop that bubble on her left leg?

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I wouldn't want to pop that bubble. Nothing but puss & liquified skin particles in there. Ew.


The joys of bubble-wrap and deadthings combined into an action packed filled Tuesday! Adventure time!


I think someone pulled her pants down to "hit it" postmortem and forgot people shit themselves when they die.


agreed with sinflux.  Went to hit it, found poo, walked home to masturbate


Apparently this guy dude spent six years injecting silicon into his dick...


that is some large penises.  Maybe even bigger than my 5.5 inches.
Hey, it is average!


apparently mr. phucked likes his big cocks.

and as far as the las goes, well, i hope she didn't suffer too much.  and great ass while you had it, hun.  R.I.P.  Frown


twat waffles w/ syrup
United States twat waffles w/ syrup

dear mr. phucked how bout only posting your comentary when you have a real story to go along with the picture. thanks


Siri does answer to another person's command. I heard it first hand.


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