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13 Year Old Kids Buy Hookers

13 years olds buy hookers So you think teenagers are horny?
Well get this!
A 13 year old from Texas who stole his Dad's credit card and ordered two hookers from an escort agency, has today been convicted of fraud and given a three year community order.

Ralph Hardy, a 13 year old from Newark, Texas confessed to ordering an extra credit card from his father's existing credit card company, and took his friends on a $30,000 spending spree.

Police said they were alerted to the motel by a concerned delivery clerk, whom after delivering supplies of Dr Pepper, Fritos and Oreos had been asked by the kids where they could score some chicks and were willing to pay. They explained they had just made a big score at a "World of Warcraft" tournament and wanted to get some relaxation. On noting the boys age the delivery clerk informed the authorities.

When police arrived at the motel they found $3,000 in cash, numerous electronic gadgets, an Xbox video console with numerous games, and the two local escort girls.

Asked why he ordered two escorts, Ralph said he thought it was the thing to do when you win a "World of Warcraft" tournament. They told the suspicious working girls they were people of restricted growth working with a traveling circus, and as State law does not allow those with disabilities to be discriminated against they had no right to refuse them.

Now what did these kids do with the hookers?
They all played XBox.  Yes, they paid them $1,000 a night to play XBox!

Ralph's ambition is to one day become a politician.

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If I could have afforded that at 13, I would have done it.  But XBox? no way!


...and the BEST part of all...?

Ralph wants to be a politician...!!!
He's on his way towards a good start...!!!  LOLOLOL


Ralph for President!


im 13 and if i could afford hookers then hell yeah those guys are awesome


i love it they hired hookers to play xbox all night lol


13 years old.. And hiring sluts to play XBOX.. Of all things, XBOX!!

Fucking hell, they probably didn't know much about sex >.>


first save half of it in a secret location then use the other half on hookers/games/and other kid bull shit


wow dude i vote u for president


3eBss you cant vote, your not american.


Suppose it's a useful post indeed! Just bookmarked it!


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