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18 Again - Vaginal Tightening & Rejuvenation

I had the idea of searching around for some vaginal cream after this weeks Select Your Hole article.

That search resulted in finding 18 Again which is a Vaginal Tightening & Rejuvenation cream.
18 again is made by an Indian Pharmaceutical called Ultratech.  They claim that 18 again will make your vagina feel tight again, just like a virgin!

18 again appears to be a genuine product although I do not know anyone who has tried it.
How much will 18 again set you back?  $190 for 1 container.  Not cheap.
But given that some women spend up to to $10,000 for surgical procedures that "tighten" their vaginas, plump up their labias or trim them down.  Some may think this is a good deal.

Anyone have a lose vagina out there?  Give a try and let us know!

You can read more about vaginal Rejuvenation in some of my previous articles.
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Now that you know more about vagina surgery than you thought you ever would.  Enjoy the video.

Guys. Some help.  Read up on what to do if:

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Comments (9) -

This ad is terrible because the woman in it is terrible. She spoils everything. Those other nerdy people too. Not gripping.


Maybe quit "pumping out units" to quote the late, great George Carlin. & perhaps this won't happen to your vagina!


The perfect mothers day present!


Fuck Calamari is good. Thought I'd share my dining habits with everyone. Güte Nacht!


Maybe the burn't ex girl friend posted that other day didnt buy any of this wonder cream


Honestly thought the video link you posted would have had porn in it for some reason.... I know its YouTube and you are overall a pretty decent person, but one can always dream right?


lol @Canofcorn
Yeah, if only she had used 18 again.  She would still be alive today with a tight vagina!


I can think of one ex who could use this.  She was Asian too and they're normally pretty tight.


Salut je peut esseyer votre serveur s.v.p.<br />Esque vous qver le bouquet meo merci


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