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2 Dead People In Hama, Syria

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United States CaptainStagnetti

*Insert racist comment here*


looks like they didn't learn anything from  bob and joe`s mistakes


They look ok, a little tired from work perhaps. They're just sleeping and they don't like being filmed while sleeping.


MY GOD THEY FOUND THE MISSING LINK!!! Hairy like bigfoot...I want to ambush attack him with nair...if he were alive...o.O


dude from us
United States dude from us

Good stuff, two more dead sand niggers. I think I could see a chicken leg hanging out of the one guys side, that could be dangerous for the cameraman if a pack of niggers showed up at the scene.



to bad there wasn't any more dead but this is a good start


American Troops: 1
Sandniggers: 0


Maybe it's just me, but looking at that ugly motherfucker is more cringe-worthy than the blood or the fact that he's dead.


Dumbass didn't even collect his $20.


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