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Prostitutes and bullets...

Two guys are out partying.  They pick up to 2 girls and take them back to their place.
They’re having a good time drinking with great conversation.  One of the friend’s takes one of the girls back into his bedroom.  The other guy is not so into the other friend, so they continue chatting and drinking in the living room.
Sounds of sex soon fill the apartment from the other guy’s bedroom.  Screaming and moaning, all the signs of a good time!

Suddenly she screams “Don’t cum inside me, don’t cum inside me” followed 10 seconds later by “AAGGHH MY EYE, MY EYE”
To make mater's worse, they only discovered they were both prostitutes later.

What is the moral of this story?

If you’re going to shoot, make sure you shoot into a bullet proof container.  That would be a Condom.

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Excellent point to make, not only is it a poor health choice, it's a very poor financial decision to have unprotected sex. While some people like to be risk takers with their bodies, we can all agree we love money. Next time your thinking about shacking up with some hooknasty without stappin on a jimmy, think about the $350,000 you'll need to have in the bank right now to cover the present value of future costs of children. And your nailing a hooker, good luck covering those medical bills for your bed bugs.
Check out for more advice.


if they were really prostitutes, don't you think the subject of money would have come up before doing the deed?  don't believe the hype.


Mr. Phucked
United States Mr. Phucked

It was their night off, they were free Smile


kick her or him in the shins, could not really follow the story, and you have the naked pirate


Drink one too many "silver Bullets" and see how long your intelligence lasts.. Did I just mis spell intelligence? aw well phuck it I'm Drunk!


Islamic Republic of Pakistan ltlwhitedik

Ok. Fine. Swollow or it going in your eye...


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